Monday, December 5, 2011

Slave to Social Media

We all know that social gaming and other social media can be fun and gaining new friends. But Social media like Facebook can be addicting and can have Satan have control of you.

Every fundamentalists knows that every idol hides a demon behind it. Virtual friends are not real friends, they are demons that can jump at you and make you want to find and accept more virtual friends.

The problem with this world is that kids don't have real friends on the outside, before there was Facebook kids were out in the streets, in the parks and playgrounds having fun and making friends.

The most thing is that the morals of today are declining because of social media. Divorce rates are rising because of married men befriending with other men and having sexual relationships with virtual women. Churches are becoming less crowded because of social media and no one is bothering to read the bible.

Pastor Paul Washer in his YouTube Video "Get off of Facebook, Be A Man" relating slavery with social media and he's right. We have sold ourselves to a slave owner and that slave owner is social media. I will be doing an article on Paul Washer

Here's how to be free from social media:

1. Delete your Facebook account.

2. Step away from your computer, put it away, or get rid of it.

3. Get you and your kids outside and make real friends.

4. Have a family bible time at the dinner table.

5. Read your bible everyday, pray to the Lord, sing praises, and attend a local church.

6. Be baptized in Jesus the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

You can pray these words and ask God to forgive you of your social media.


Thank you for showing me about social media. My eyes are open and I'm willing to turn away from this Satanic social media addictions and become a follower of Your Son. Lord Jesus, please save me with your precious blood.

In your name I pray,


Now I will be doing articles on Paul Washer, Arnold Murray, Ben Heath, Dan Corner, and David J. Stewart and some on the problems with Amillenialism, Universalism, Armstrongism, Preterism, Adventism,  along with Restorationism, Futurism, Historicism, and Idealism.

God bless you.

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