Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012, Obama signed NDAA, Persecution has begun

The ACLU reported that Obama has signed the NDAA. Very sad day for the end of our freedoms. I believe  that God has appointed us unto persecution. Appointed unto torture.

You say, "We won't be appointed unto torture. Jesus will take us home to Heaven."

Have you not learn that Jesus endured torture. Peter and John we're tortured for speaking the truth. Why can't we? We should and we will.

America Babylon the Great is drunk with the blood of the saints. Lady Liberty, the Harlot is riding on the Beast government. It won't be long until America becomes desolate.

The blood of saints will be shed upon the soil of the Harlot, because of NDAA.

So 2012, is the start of the Great persecution of the Church.

If any of you haven't accept Jesus your Savior and Lord, please do so now. Because this blog won't be here anymore. Remember Ray's Boltz's lyrics in my other article to Pledge your allegiance to the Lamb.

God Bless.

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