Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Supreme Truthsayer and the Church of Denialism Part 1

When I say Church of Denialism, First I'm titling this to avoid using "Church of Truth" as Supreme Truthsayer's site says not to attack ministries that I stumbled upon Google search. Second, Supreme Truthsayer is in denial. Not only that, he's anti-Semitic, a hypocrite, he hates God and Jesus, uses invalid claims to deny the Lord and savior's existence from Candida Moss to Michael Paulkovich, and he also thinks that Jesus hates me with weird things about me being a woman and Jesus' Mother. When I try to respond to him he deleted my comments.

And to put it in another way he's also using the same claims about the origin of the universe, the imfamous Big Bang. No, it's not the TV show. It's a made-up theory by modern atheists.

One error in his claim:

People like Nicolaus Copernicus,Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Georges LemaƮtre, Stephen Hawking, and thousands of others, have come to the universal conclusion that the universe was formed by a Big Bang some 13+ Billion years ago.

One problem with Supreme Truthsayer's claim, Isaac Newton was a Orthodox Christian there is no historical record about Newton mentioning the Big Bang. Only one historical record that Newton claimed is the Law of Gravity.

Now here's where he claims

the Big Bang is the origin of our universe,

That claim about the Big Bang was rejected by 33 scientists in 2004. Now news articles by the end of last year still rejected that theory.

Here's Supreme Truthsayer's invalid truth:

We evolved, no one lived to be 600 years old. Case closed.

Supreme Truthsayers following claims about Noah and the Ark. There is a whole list I can't put it up. Here's my response to some of the list

*  Supreme Truthsayer's claim about Noah bringing Dinosaurs on the Ark, Genesis never described what animals of two he brought on.

* His second claim that Noah brought millions of animals.. He also claims that the Ark would be too heavy to carry all of those and the Ark would sink. He's right about that. But the book of Genesis never says how many pairs of two animals. But it said clean animals, so Noah might've brought only cattle and sheep to the ark. Sunday Schools taught that Noah brought Elephants, Zebras, and giraffes. But the weight of the Ark was not mentioned.

* His claim about Noah being Wealthy. But the Book of Genesis never said.

Here's a list of reason's why he hates god:

*  Pope Francis

First of all, Catholicism is not Christianity.

*  Hitler

Hitler was also Catholic. The reason why Supreme Truthsayer not only anti-semitic, because he either didn't mention or denies that half of the 12 million were Jews.

* Mao Zedong

* Joseph Stalin

* Kim il-sung

Now these guys were atheists and brutal dictators. Those people that were persecuted in Russia, China, and North Korea were Christiians.

Now I might not have enough space to post some issues on Supreme Truthsayer. I only got one more. The reason I mentioned above, Truthsayer thinks I'm Jesus' mother and I'm a woman.

He said that Jesus doesn't love me If:

* I"m Not a Jew

What's his point? His claim Jesus loves Jews only is incorrect. Because of the Jews, there are Pharisees that keeps the law of Moses.

* I Refuse to Acknowledge Hum

Why would I refuse to Acknowledge Him? He was referring to the people of Israel, especially the Pharisees.

* I Seek a Sign and fear Eternal Torture

Calling someone “evil and adulterous” and descended from vipers when they are seeking the truth is not a show of love. Where’s the love?

First of all the vipers were their ancestors who have not kept the Law of Moses. Their ancestors worshiped a false god Baal.

*  I'm Poor

I'm on Social Security. Supreme Truthsayer hates Jesus because he thinks Jesus hates the poor. If Jesus said we are to sell whatever we have and give to the poor, then Supreme Truthsayer is a lying Jesus hater

* I'm worried about Food, Health, or Clothing like unclean Pagans (ST misspelled)

What Jesus spoke of is not to worry about physical things and he wants us to think and focus spiritual things. Supreme Truthsayer is all sunk in materialism. That's another reason why he hates Jesus. I don't worry about things like animals which I will talk about in another topic.

* My ancestors killed prophets

There is no historical record that my ancestors killed prophets. Only ancestor I had was Zachary Taylor, he was a President, he smoked a lot and didn't last too long in office.

* I'm Rich

First, ST thinks Jesus hates the poor, now he thinks Jesus hates the rich. Okay, ST. which do you think Jesus hates?  Poor or Rich? I know ST admits what Jesus said are parables and metaphors. But he still takes it literally. Maybe that why Supreme Truthsayer hate Jesus it's because he thinks He hates both the poor and rich.

* I'm a woman

* I'm Jesus' Mother

See? Like what I said.

Now I'm not going to bother on listing the remaining because there more on Supreme Truthsayer in Part 2.