Thursday, December 22, 2011

Obama's signature for NDAA tribulation is set after Christmas

The Examiner reports that Obama's signature for NDAA. I already said that persecution in America has come, my brothers and sisters in Christ. The Church in America will undergo a 10 prophetic year tribulation.

Here's what going to happen when the NDAA becomes law:

1. America will be a single-party state Military style like in North Korea, China, and Cuba.

2. The FBI and local authorities are out of a job as the Military are now part of local enforcement of criminal law.

3. Petty and capital crimes will be done in military tribunals. They can be treated as terrorism.

4. Christian churches and non-profit Christian organizations (i.e Operation Blessing, Orphan's Promise) are likely labeled as "terrorist organizations".

5. Those who express their faith in Christ Jesus are labeled as "terrorist" and will be secretly be taken away to a detention camp already set up and staffed in your region, tortured and likewise killed by guillotine.

6. People running small business will lose their business and be sent to North Korean/Chinese Style FEMA forced labor camps without pay mimicking China to make counterfeit goods. Which in meaning is to cut back on spending by shutting down small businesses and those who run them will be rounded up sent there.

7. Under the NDAA subsection, Contractors including Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) are protected from being criticized by alternative media. Large Contractors can now terminate a subcontract with small business owners anytime they want under the NDAA provision allowing small business to close and detaining small business owners by the military and putting them FEMA approved Communist-style forced labor camps.

8. People can also be sent to foreign prisons like China slave trade style.

I already explained that we will be martyred for our witness in Christ Jesus. So brothers and sisters in Christ, do not fear about what going to happen to you. Jesus wants you to be with Him in Heaven. He has already set up a mansion, ready for you. Be faithful unto the point of martyrdom, and you will be rewarded with the Martyr's crown to lay at the feet of Jesus.

Tommorow I am going to prove and review why America is Babylon the Great.

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