Saturday, December 31, 2011

New poisionous mandatory energy efficient bulb law goes into effect tomorrow. Indefinite detention is likely for refusal to buy, including hoarding on incandescent

You all know that tomorrow this mandatory poisionous mercury energy efficient bulbs law will force you to buy their poisonous inefficient bulbs so that many of your family and friends will die from mercury poisoning and skin cancer. To make matters worse, law enforcements or the military will come to your house and see if you're hoarding incandescent bulbs, if you have, under the NDAA section 1031, you are a terrorist and you will be held indefinitely in your regional FEMA detention and force labor camp.

They are doing this to decrease the world's population by poisoning you, your children, and your food from mercury bulbs. It's all part UN Agenda 21. Plus UK scientific have tested that CFL bulbs have enough amounts of UV radiation to cause skin cancer.

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