Sunday, December 25, 2011

Obama signing statement could change Detention of Americans in Section 1032 of NDAA from optional to mandatory

Obama will be adding a signing statement. But that doesn't mean he's letting us keep our freedoms. He's adding his own rules, or tweaking Section 1032 striking out the word "not" making it mandatory to detain US citizens.

Attorney General Eric Holder approves mandatory detention.

What's worse is that you will be killed by the military or be sent to either Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or China.

According, the Section 1031 of the NDAA, they can detain US Citizens who are substantially supporting "associated forces". The Government can declared Christianity and/or Christian organizations such Orphan's Promise as "associated forces". Let me remind you that persecution is here. And on Wikipedia, there is something mentioned about a Chinese-style Civilian inmate Labor Program under US Army Regulation 210-35.

The Federal Prison are excluded from the program.

The Boy Scouts are one of those type of "associated forces" and they can be deemed as "enemy combatants" just like in the old Communist Czechoslovakia  America could have a record of exterminating more than 6 million Americans including. That would be a record break since that time of Nazi Germany killing 6 million Jews.

70% of the military voted for Ron Paul and won't go along with it. Worship the Beast? The Beast is not here yet. Revelation 2:10 as I said in article, that we should be tried for 10 days. 10 days are 10 biblical years. 2012 + 10 = 2022, which would be the Second Coming, however, if the Tribulation begins in 2015 we will be taken out of tribulation. 2022 - 7 = 2015.

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