Monday, December 12, 2011

Obama supports Indefinite Detention: America is drunk with the blood of the Martyrs

In my last article, I warned you about the NDAA and Obama would threaten to veto. But now, he changes his mind. Congress is now reconciliating to make a final draft of the bill and a final vote of the bill before Obama signs it. The adminstration asked Congrees to remove the phrase in Section 1031, thus allowing detention of Americans. They now want to tweak Section 1032 removing the words "does not" in sentences (1) and (2) of Paragraph (b) to allow the military to detain all Americans, even execute those who are Christian, an Occupy protester, Right wing extremist, anti-abortion/pro-life supporter, even a freedom fighter under Section 1037. All the Military tribunal has to do is unanimously vote for the death penalty, and that will spell "Total Martyrdom."

Obama doesn't want to detain the REAL terrorists, he wants to detain Christians, Freedom Fighters, and the OWS Protesters. He doesn't want to veto Section 1031, but to veto 1032 because Senator Carl Levin who proposed this legislation with McCain said that it was the Administration wants the language changed in Section 1031. Watch the video on YouTube "Proof Obama will sign NDAA 1031 in a few days" and you should know that the House and Senate are now in conference to tweak the bill, and make the final vote before it's sent to Obama's desk.

God's judgment on America has been sealed. America turns its' back on Israel and now His allowing the government to detain (under Section) and kill Christians under the NDAA.

Why is God allowing this? He wants us to be with Him in Heaven. He saw what America did to Israel by turning its' back on His people. This is all part of God's plan. America is part of bible prophecy because the nation is Mystery Babylon the Great of Revelation 17. God will pay her double. Jesus told us to be faithful even unto the point of death and we will be given the martyr's crown (Crown of Life).

Jesus suffered for us. We must suffer for Him.

In Berit Kjos's article "Prolonged Detention without trial for Americans?" Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky who opposed indefinite detention. You can read the article.

Rand Paul quoted in a video

If this legistlation passes, we can see American citizens being shipped to Guantanamo Bay.

These words from Berit Kjos:
May God awaken His people to the spiritual war raging behind the visible world! And may He equip us to stand firm in His Truth, persevere in faith, and demonstrate His love to others -- no matter what challenges we face! 

All credit goes to Berit Kjos. 
Please accept God's pardon for your sins by allowing Christ Jesus into your heart. Do it now. Time is running out.

God bless.

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