Saturday, February 25, 2012

February Newslines 2012

Israel Prepares to attack Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Nethanyahu says that Israel will attack Iran and it's missle bases. This will fulfill the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39. U.S officials warned that the Israeli stock market will collapse if it goes to war with Iran.

The Israeli stock market may collapse but this is the big event before Jesus returns.

Obama Declares War on Christianity over the threat of Contraception and Abortion

The Obama Administration has declared war on Christianity, which we will be put in FEMA camps and even we have to face martyrdom over the threat of Contraception and Abortion in Obama care. Christian organizations, including Catholic Hospitals have refused to deny the biblical teachings. This means that pastors will be put to death for their belief. Christian networks will be shuttered.

And the Churches of Christ have denied that there never be a new world order because Jesus will come in any moment. Apparently this is irrelevant. They insisted that we are in spiritual persecution. Were Early church spiritually persecuted? No, only physical. Justin Martyr was physically persecuted. So are Stephen the Christian and the Apostle Paul.

Pope Benedict III appoints Timothy Dolan as Cardinal, May become Peter The Roman

St. Malachy's Prophecy predicts that the final pope would be Peter the Roman, which will likely be Timothy Dolan as Pope Benedict III appoints him as Cardinal. Peter the Roman is probably not the Antichrist, but Peter the Roman will probably be the one who will promote the Antichrist and cause all to worship him and force to take the mark St. Malachy predicted that the city on the seven hills would be destroyed, it could mean the Vatican, but it could also mean New York City because it's a global economic trade center and it's also where the United Nations sits on. Some say America is not mentioned in bible prophecy, but I'm afraid it is. Because America is known as Babylon The Great, the reincarnate of old Babylon. Because America is Babylon the Great, Cardinal Dolan will become Peter the Roman. . However, Peter the Roman may not be the False Prophet either because St. Malachy's final prophecy says he will be killed and the Vatican will be destroyed before the dreadful judge (Judgment Day) and the end of age comes. Before that Peter the Roman will nourish the people through tribulations, probably in the Tribulation.

Cardinal Dolan is in great danger if he accepts to become Peter the Roman because the Antichrist will kill him, which will be from the Middle East out of the revived Ottoman empire.

Google Glasses is a another step to the Mark of the Beast, Comparing with the movie Apocalypse II: Revelation

Remember the Virtual reality glasses from Apocalypse II: Revelation, that movie will become a reality as the Google Glasses will be the biggest step to the Mark of the Beast

Sunday, February 19, 2012

FBI Internet Kill Switch Begins on March 8

The FBI will shut down your internet on March 8 for some reasons other than a single computer virus or a Trojan called DNSChanger.

What can you do on March 8? We'll go outside and get some fresh air. It's not the end of the world for you.

However, the FBI starting on March 8 can shut down your internet if you post anything that is Christian. I think this is the beginning of the silence of the gospel of Jesus and persecution.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Solar Storms could erupt this weekend due to a massive sunspot

 NASA discovered a massive sunspot causing a corona massive eruption or CME which could wipe out all communications. The solar storm is expected to occur this weekend. I probably would rule out that NASA's theory that the solar storm would be a weak one, but we can assure that this would cause a regional, national, and even a global blackout.

What to expect in a global blackout due to the Valentine's Day massive Solar storm?

- Cars will stop running.

- Computers will be useless since they are vulnerable to magnetic solar flares.

- Food will go spoiled.

- There will be looting.

- Crimes will increase.

- Stock markets will crash.

What to do before a global blackout?

- Have or purchase candles, matches, first aid kits, non-perishable dry food.

- Make sure your doors are locked because the phones will go dead when the solar storm occurs and the police, hospital, and fire department operations will be unable to answer because their computers would become useless.

- Do not go outside because you will likely be shot or mugged by looters if you do.

- Always read your bible and pray to Jesus to help you through these dark times.

Government Spy Drone Bill FAA Reauthorization Act passes, The Locusts of Revelation 9 is fulfilling prophecy

We now have learned that Congress passed the FAA Reauthorization Act that would permit the use of surveillance drones over the nation.

I have already explained why drones fulfill Revelation 9:1-6 but I will refresh your memory.

Now when John wrote the Revelation he didn't saw literal locusts but rather things that never existed during his time like machines. John in The Spirit, saw drones that were shaped like locusts. They have the power to torment, that is in another word, "spying". The term "five months" could not be a literal number but rather an unknown number.

I think we are close to the glory of His coming.

God bless.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Communities against terrorism: How Friends and Family will turn against each other, you, and Christ-believers

You may seen this new flyer the FBI and the DOJ have released relating to Internet Cafes, Hotels and Tattoo parlors, Shopping malls and centers and hobby shops, homes, communities and parks. This means that a neighbor, friend, or relative can see you reading a bible, consider you suspicious and report you to the FBI.

This is one of Satan's methods to wipe out the Christians and this method will be used by the Antichrist during the Tribulation. This method will be used to locate where your hideout/underground church is whether it's a cave, a cabin in the woods, an old abandoned factory, etc.

The following things that person of business, employer, family, or friend would be suspect their customer, employee, family, or friend of terrorism:

* Altered Appearance (Shaving beard, hair color, style of dress like a shirt with the words "Don't tread on me" or "Jesus Saves".)

* Burns or cuts on hands or body.

* Missing body parts like fingers, hands, arms, legs, or feet.

* Avoid eye contact with Police/Security

* Work alone or unsupervised shifts.

* Threats of comments or threats of violence.

* Criminal activity

* Purchasing lifetime supplies for survival. (If you purchased supplies from Jim Bakker, you're a prepper terrorist. You better email Jim Bakker, Grant Jeffrey, Hal Lindsey and warn them.)

* Using cash or gold for food, fuel. and supplies (The forces of the one world dictator, The Antichrist, during the Tribulation will suspiciously find out that you aren't buying without The Mark.)

* Evironmental, Anti-Government, or Religious protests. (We are already into the Time of Jacob's Trouble. persecution is already taking effect.)

* Using TOR or Freenet anonymity.

* A customer or a resident that is not from a local area.

*  Purchasing and possessing farm seeds, fertilizers and pesticides that is not from Monsanto.

* Making money orders. (Again, Payments must be paid with The Mark of the Beast).

* Vehicles parked or left abandoned for a extremely long time

* Taking photographs or recording a video to be put on YouTube.

* Possessing ammunition and lifetime supply of Food, water, flashlights, bibles, candles and radio.

* Leave the hotel room for Several days and return.

* Using the back and side doors other than the front door of the lobby.

* Reading religious literature including The Bible.

* Download and reading religious content.

* Communicating with walkie talkies in malls, theme parks, shopping centers, etc.

* Sketching things and exposing things of the New world order.

* Using residential email providers (Comcast, AOL, etc.)

And the list goes on and on.

Ever since the violent Occupy protest and the Anonymous hacking war, I don't take their side. By the way, I am no way affiliated with the hacking group. I am a spiritual pacifist. I follow The Lord's side. Anonymous hacking group are no friends of Jesus. They're not Christian. When Jesus was confronted by the Sanhedrin, He did nothing and was persecuted. We as followers of Christ are not to be involved with violent protests. Must follow the Lord and keep His commandments and be faithful unto Him.

Time is at hand. The Time of Jacob's Trouble is at hand. The Harpazo/Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus is at hand.

This is why Satan is doing this.

Jesus warns us we will be hated because of Him. (Luke 21:17, Mark 13:13)

And it's already happening as the TSA has detained Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. This is violation of Article 1, section 6 of the Constitution.

Apparently, I said long ago in my previous entry, America is spiritually drunk with the blood of the saints.

All I ask you, brother and sisters:


What you need to do is study the Word of God, and be faithful until the point we must die as martyrs for Jesus. For we will be given the Crown of life to lay at the feet of Christ. We may hear the "Come up hither" soon.

Even so, come Lord Jesus. Amen.

God bless and God be with you.