Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prophecy Alert: UN will monitor elections, New Executive Order to Seize Bank Accounts

Before I get to the prophetic news, a Canadian teenage girl named Amanda Todd committed suicide this week. The cause of this was cyber-bullying, some say it's because of her gender and some say it's her sexual orientation like homosexuality. I'm not sure but it maybe because of her gender.  The homosexuality part, we'll I'm not going to say it. She could've like contacted the Canadian government or Her ISP to track down who's IP address did this. But the thing is as much as I want to believe she is in Heaven but she's not.

The Bible clearly tells that suicide is a sin of self-murder. If you think of committing suicide because of your gender, race, or sexual orientation, don't do it. Committing suicide is rejecting God's plan for your life. Amanda Todd made the wrong choice. Those who commit suicide are going to the Lake of Fire.  Evangelical, Protestant, and non-denominational churches, a majority of the Lord's Church teach that committing suicide is rejecting the Lord's plan for your life.

Now let's get to some news prophetic news,

The UN is going to monitor the elections. I am not lying. They are going for it with UN troops and vehicles on US soil. What are they doing is, they're trying to make sure Obama wins for a second term. They want Obama to be dictator of the New World Order as Dr. Jack Van Impe has stated in his video "Dictator of the New World Order" from former Secretary of state Henry Kissinger "Obama primed to create New World Order". They will put you in International court and charge you for treason if you vote for Mitt Romney.

I have been watching this throughout Obama's first 4 year term, and I think through his supporters going with the words of Revelation 13:10 "Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?" I'm not saying that Obama is this beast. But we cannot rule it out. This is not the reason the UN wants to make sure that nobody is suffering voter suppression, they really want Obama to be dictator of the New World Order. This is the same ploy what got Hugo Chavez re-elected in Venezuela.

And if this doesn't get worse, what is happening is a Twitter user is planning to kill Romney if he wins.

Also, Obama has signed an executive order to allow the government to seize your bank accounts "in the name of Iranian threat".

Time is running short, we need to prepare to die as martyrs for our Lord. He may come for His Church any moment, but we must remain faithful and prepare to die for Christ our Lord and Savior.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CNN: Your Behavior Will be Controlled by a Brain Chip

Prophecy Warning: Mark of the Beast.

CNN reports that within 75 years people will be implanted with a brain chip that will allow third parties including our federal government and the Antichrist to control our emotions.

But with this technology already made it could be implanted into all the world populations by 2017.

Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems now owned by Oracle said that as a result the world will "may simply decide to exterminate the mass of humanity."

That mass of humanity will mainly be Christians.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

NBC poll: Majority wants to be in a one party state, Big Bird in politics as Romney wants to cut funding on PBS, California gas stations close down

An NBC poll reports that a majority wants a one-party state like North Korea, China, and Cuba while the minoriry say they're happy with a divided state.

In order for that to happen, the remaining GOP red states will need to turn into blue states including the state of Georgia, which will happen in the mid-term election, because after that time Christianity will be criminalized one way or the other and martyrdom is coming.

During a Presidential debate in Colorado, Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney if elected will like to cut taxpayer funding to PBS, apparently to the left wing he wants to stop funding to Big Bird.

PBS used to be family friendly but now its gone "gay" or immorally leftist. Even  PBS confessed that Bert and Ernie are gay.

Even if Romney did, we have the internet and more people are streaming shows and movies on their computer. But the thing is that online streaming is at an all time low due to online piracy through file-sharing or torrenting.

The US is rapidly about to give California back to Mexico, as Gas stations in the state are now at a all time high of $5.00/gallon and most of the independent gas stations are considering to stop selling gas, reducing to convenience stores like 7-Eleven. 

We will lose a state, but we could gain a new state as Puerto Rico is voting for statehood, if this happens, Congress will have to introduce a bill to amend the Tennessee Act admitting Puerto Rico to become a state.

Pro: Puerto Rico as a US state will get to vote, more US Reps and Senators from each districts of Puerto Rico will be added to Congress

Con: PR will have to pay taxes including Social Security. All federal laws will be applied to PR.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Clearing some biblical issues on verses that Unitarian Universalists use to support universalism

There were comments in my exposure against the Late L. Ray Smith and Gary Amirault, claiming that perfect love that defeats fear claiming that God is not fear but love. This is highly bizarre as I try to clear this error on the word "fear".

1 John 4:18 KJV "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love."

The universalist church tries to confuse the word fear with the fear of God. So what fear is Paul is speaking? Let's look at Albert Barnes' notes on the verse:

Because fear hath torment - It is a painful and distressing emotion. Thus men suffer from the fear of poverty, of losses, of bereavement, of sickness, of death, and of future woe. From all these distressing apprehensions, that love of God which furnishes an evidence of true piety delivers us.

Not the torment that God would cast upon the unrepentant, but it is the hard times that we go through. We fear of dying every time we go to the funeral of our loved ones who passed away. We fear of something we could get hurt or sick, by eating something that doesn't taste good or not wearing safety equipment

The second type of fear is "evil" as we read the 23rd of Psalms:

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

Love doesn't remove the fear of God but the fear of evil.

This is what Satan wants you to believe is that love conquers the fear of God. We need to remind ourselves that we should not confuse the fear of God with the fear of evil.

Universalists claim that all of the mid-first,  second and third century christians were Unitarian. This is not true.

Clement of Alexandria was a Trinitarian in the First century.

All men (The saved) are Christ's, some by knowing (obeying) Him , the rest not yet (That is hearing and obeying The Word). He (Jesus) is the Savior, not of some and the rest not (that is those who have not obeyed Christ and repented). For how is He Savior and Lord, if not the Savior and Lord of all?

Justin Martyr was a Trinitarian, he wrote in his first apology, and his dialogue with Trypho the Jew (all of Justin Martyr's quotes are long, cannot post them all)

Origen rejected John's view of the Trinity, also denied that God is the All in All. Not "will" but "is" the All in All.


Tertillian who was also a Trinitarian

Augustine was a Trinitarian but He rejected Origen's view of universalism. His view of eternal was rather called purgatory, a place that those who are not Catholic goes there. Same teaching that is taught by the Anglicans, Lutherans, Wesleyans

The Arians were universalists but their view got rejected by the Council of Nicea. They believe that Jesus is the Logos where of in the late 19th Century, the Watchtower Cult (Jehovah's Witnesses) got it from.

Methodius was also a trinitarian but he believed that mankind has the freedom to choose eternal life or eternal separation (Free Will).

Jerome was also a Trinitarian but the universalists have confuse Jerome's quote "In the end and consummation of the Universe all are to be restored into their original harmonious state, and we all shall be made one body and be united once more into a perfect man and the prayer of our Savior shall be fulfilled that all may be one." applying to all mankind. Unfortunately Jerome was only referring to believers. Most of all, it is clear as quoted by Jerome that the universe will be uncreated (See John MacArthur's "The End of the Universe"), but as we read "God makes all things new" God will make a New Heaven and a New Earth as promised in the Old Testament.

Sometimes Universalists will use John 8:15 implying that God doesn't judge anyone by their sins, however they will fail to read verse 16 .