Friday, November 30, 2012

Martyrdom Alert: Health Department removal of Husband and Wife could lead to the criminalization of heterosexual marriage

Fox News reports the State Department is considering on removing the term "Husband" and "Wife" and replace it with "Person A" and "Person B" to satisfy homosexuals. This is the reason why this could be a martyrdom alert as this can lead to the criminalization of heterosexual marriage.

Meanwhile, Martyrdom is increasing as Egypt's new constitution aka Sharia Law will be taking full effect. Christians in Egypt are to pray, give thanks to God for eternal life, and prepare to die in His Name.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama won. What now/

Obama won the election. What's happen's next?

We'll all things are coming close towards a One world government.

But we all need to be reminded to remain faithful unto the Lord even until martyrdom.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Martyrdom Alert: Twitter users threaten to riot if Obama loses the election

Twitter users are threatening to stage a riot if Obama loses the election.

2 possible things will happen if Obama loses:

1. riots will begin and Obama will declare martial law and start detaining and exterminating right wing people even Christians and Jews.

2. riots due to the loss of Obama's re-election will lead to a racial civil war and the disintegration and division of America.

Let me remind you that we as true obedient followers of Jesus Christ are not to vote for anyone during this Election because John 18:36 tells that God's Kingdom is not a government, neither republican, democrat, socialist, monarchy, or a democracy. Pontius Pilate understood Jesus why his kingdom is not of this world, not the universe that He's referring to but this type of world is government. The Jews wanted Jesus to set up an independent sovereign government from the Roman Empire. But we need to take the Lord's answer as a NO. Non-denominational churches of this so called Church of Christ would call God's Kingdom is the Church. God's Kingdom refers to Heaven not the Church. The True Church of Christ must not blend God's Kingdom of Heaven and the Church together to make it the same, because they're not. God's Kingdom is an unseen higher realm far beyond this universe.

God set up a government in the Old Testament from Saul to Melchizedek with the laws that the people of Israel must obey, the government of Israel became corrupted because they set up the altar of Moloch and the idol of Baal. Therefore, God has put away their government once in for all. This is the reason why government in all forms are not to be trusted. Every time you see a political ad on TV or Youtube saying that a GOP candidate would cut spending or a democrat would put the whole country to work by taxing the rich would be very deceitful. Hebrews 13:17 tells us to obey our rulers, not our government leaders but our church leaders, even if they take one verse out of context. You don't have to believe in their doctrine or what they tell you to do because they said it's in the bible.

During the Great Tribulation, there will be a final government, the New World Order where a one world leader will command everyone to worship him and his image just like in the days of the Old Babylon where Nebuchadnezzar commands his people to worship his golden image under the penalty of death in the fiery furnace. Just like in those days, we will have to face martyrdom for our witness in Jesus Christ and refuse to worship this One world leader.  The angels that follow Jesus in His Return aren't saints. To be a saint you must be mortal. The Roman Catholic church taught that angels are saints. Angels and saints aren't the same.

When Jesus returns the elements of government in all forms will pass away, and he will rule with the Tribulation saints on the earth for 1000 years without any human government or man-made laws, just God's spiritual laws. People claimed that the Church will return with Christ for 1000 years but after reading Revelation 20 it only mentions the tribulation saints that have been martyred for rejecting to worship the One world leader, his image, and The Mark, the Church will probably however watch over the earth from Heaven. The church will come back after the 1000 years not in this old universe but in a new and spiritual universe. After the 1000 years, the universe will pass away with fervant heat and Jesus will create a New Heaven and New Earth. The Church is not the city of the New Jerusalem but they will be in it.

If you need to learn more why God's Kingdom is not a government, please read Don't Americanize the church.