Saturday, March 15, 2014

New World Order: US ends contract with ICANN by Fall 2015

After an ITU Internet Treaty that was shot down 2 years ago, The US is giving up the internet to the UN by Fall 2015. Kurt Nimmo, editor of infowars, posted this warning that the Obama adminatration is ending its formal partnership with ICANN, the non-profit company of domain names founded in 1997, issued domain names in the year 2000

The surrendering of the internet is just the first phase of the New World Order.

The Law of the Sea Treaty, which surrenders sovereign waters, and UN child rights convention that surrenders parental rights, the foundation of the family, both yet to be ratified, but both treaties can go into force by ascension through executive orders. That is what Obama plans to do, if the GOP gets control of the Senate.

Then you have the mandate that starting in 2017, everyone in the world will be required to be implanted according to Revelation 13:16-18.

The propose changes to regulating the internet includes a tax and censorship backed by  China,  Iran, and Russia.