Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Food Control in the Trans-Pacific Partnership for the New World Order

The U.S. is pushing pacific nations for control of food supply in the guise of protecting the environment. This is another step bringing towards a New World Order.  The Black Horse of Revelation 6 symbolizes famine and food control. While it's important to protect endangered animals. PETA is praising this TPP agreement and wants it to be signed soon. If it's signed sometime within next year, that will trigger the biblical apocalypse and the sign of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. On December 12 of this year I will explain why the world won't end on  12/21/12 or 12/12/12. Some Youtubers say that The Second Coming will occur on December 12 or 21 of next year.

Jesus warns about famines in Matthew 24 including food control. Our redemption is drawing near. Please repent, ask the Lord for His forgiveness, and be baptized so that you be ready.

God Bless.

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