Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ahmadinejad calls for NWO, Obama and Pakistan calls for criminalization of christianity over anti-Islamic film

Iranian President Ahmadinejad spoke Tuesday at the UN that a New World Order must emerge. The Iranian President over the years have said that he must destroy Israel in order for his messiah The Mahdi to appear.

We are entering World War III. But most importantly we are rapidly heading toward martyrdom after Pakistan calls on the UN to criminalize the criticism of Islam, in other words, criminalize Christianity, this is because of the Anti-Islamic documentary that was uploaded to YouTube and now this is triggering the opening of the fifth seal in Revelation 6:9-11. The altar in Revelation 6:9 refers to the souls (which is a immaterial spirit) coming out of the altar which is the gates of heaven and they are crying out to the Lord "How long are you going to avenge us?" and the answer is in verse 11 that they should wait for a little season (a short time) until more of their brethren are killed.

Souls do not refer to our outer self, as taught by soul sleep teachers (Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Armstrong splinter groups, and Unitarian Universalist churches), but referring to our immaterial inner self, that is our human spirit. Remember Stephen the Christian's spirit did not remain in his body, nor that the soul remain unconscious, but went to home to be with the Lord after he was sentenced to be stoned to death by the Sanhedrin because of his witness to Jesus Christ. Heaven and Hell are far beyond the grave.  If soul sleep is true, that means Jesus never went to Sheol (the temporal Hell), and His teaching of the resurrection was a lie. Do not believe these false teachers that our souls sleep. Soul sleep is a dangerous doctrine and the lie of the devil.

You need to also remember Jesus' parable Lazarus and the Rich Man, Lazarus went to paradise, and The Rich Man went to hell. They did not soul sleep. The lesson to this parable determines where we go when we die depending whether we believe, repent, confess our sins in Jesus or not.

The thief on Jesus' right never soul slept, he requested "Remember me when You enter Your Kingdom"  and Jesus "Today you shall be with Me in paradise."  The thief on Jesus' right repented went to paradise. He did not "soul sleep" The thief on His left went to Hades.

Even babies do not "soul sleep" when they die, their spirits go home to Heaven. Roman Catholic, Protestant (Lutheran, Calvinist, and Wesleyan), and even Universalists accepts that babies inherit sin (hereditary from their parents. Catholics, Calvinists, and Lutherans believe that babies go to hell due to the hereditary sin passed down by our original parents Adam and Eve. Some Universalists believe that babies go to hell (since all mankind, even believers, according to their doctrine will go to hell and be spanked by God for a finite amount time for each portion of their sins) for a short amount of time and then go to heaven after that.

But back to this story, even Obama wants Christianity to be criminalized globally because of the anti-Islamic film, we all need to wake up, repent and prepare to die for our Lord Jesus.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gary Amirault's Teachings Exposed

Gary Amirault Gets the Lukewarm Award for his dangerous teaching of Ultimate Reconciliation.

Not only he's a staunch defender of that doctrine, he has refused to respond to my debate on it especially the Greek word "aion"  and applying it to the spiritual realm, God, and His attributes.

Ultimate Reconcilation is the wide road to destruction.

On Preacher Amirault's video Ninety-Nine Is Not Enough, he has twisted the meaning of the parable of the lost sheep. In my perspective, the 1 lost of the 100 sheep had a mind of its own. The Parable of the lost coin, should be interpreted correctly. The Woman (the church) finds the lost coin (The Word). The Prodigal Son, the two sons, one worked hard for the father, the other wanted to live the big life. The father lets the prodigal son do what he wished for, in the end he will become empty and return back to the father to and beg him to be his servant, but the father loved him and rejoiced.  The Prodigal Son is not the example that God will irresistibly force all mankind unto Himself, but they had the freedom to choose.

God is not a respecter of persons, which is He doesn't respect people sinning. He is not a weak-minded God who will not judge anyone and let the unrepentant sinner go free.

Like the father who really loves his son even if he give lets him do what he wished for, God loves us and allow us to do and choose whatever we wish, but God's desire is He wants all mankind to be saved by repentance, not forcing us to come to Him whether by natural disasters, illness, or any catastrophe. Surely a loving god like Himself wouldn't brutally beat up His own creation just to literally drag (GK: helkuo) all mankind and make them live in Heaven with Him. God is not lonely nor has the desire for not being lonely. But Universalists like Gary Amirault insist that God will brutally beat up all mankind with just a major global catastrophe. A twisted teaching like that would make God a psychopath

The Greek word helkuo is metaphoric not literal meaning God wants to lead all men to salvation. But it is clear that Jesus said in the gospel of Matthew and Mark that only a few will be saved, that's why the road is too narrow for God to drag all mankind to salvation, even those who backslide.

Universalists implies that we are all made or born of the original sin (Total Depravity) and we all need God's temporal chastening or spanking. This is the same damnable teaching that the Calvinists, Lutherans, Wesleyans, Roman catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterians, and Evangelical churches but most of them don't believe in God's temporal spanking and neither do I. Universalism teaches that God doesn't judge His own creation applying the verse "Judge not lest ye be judged" unto Himself, which would make God contradicting Himself and his own words in the Old and New Testament.

Every Ultimate Reconciliation teachers and their followers will not be saved at the Great White Throne Judgment and they will hear His Words, "I never knew you, Depart from me you who practice lawlessness." (Matthew 7:23)

Universalism practices lawlessness and removes God's laws from their teaching. Without God's laws, society will become like hell on earth. As much as I don't like the death penalty, but with Universalism opposing the death penalty will make murderers, rapists, and terrorists go free about and kill everybody in our society. I support the death penalty unless a murderer or rapist repents. Universalism removes the need of repentence, making salvation automatic to unrepentant sinners. 

The bible teaches that salvation is a free gift to those who only will repent and turn away from their sins. Salvation is not automatic.

Now I've been waiting too long for his response, he has no proof to respond to my video about his heretical and unscriptural teaching. Mr. Gary Amirault had attracted millions right down the wide road to Destruction. He did it the first time on PAX TV (now ION), and now I am giving everything I got to expose this heretic. The Council of Nicea rejected Universalism and declared it as heresy.

So there you have it. And one more thing, Universalists teaches that sin is finite. If it's true, then maybe they could agree that a felony is finite and a felon goes free from his criminal record. Saying something like that contradicts the law of the land and God's laws. If a felony permanent, then sin is permanent unless the sinner repents.

I am watching your comments to see if you say that sin is finite. Remember, I will say "If sin is finite, is a felony finite? If so, a felon would go free commit more felony crimes and get away with it without the government, authorities, or the victim complaining."  A felony cannot be finite, it is permanent and will cost a person from finding a job. Same thing will happen to the sinner who commits an infinite sin.

Jesus will come back at any moment and if you believe in Ultimate Reconciliation, you will be Left Behind once He calls His Church home, and believe me, only a few will be taken home to Heaven.

Even those who think that God will not spare those who repented but instead brutally beat up His own creation and force them to do His will, implying that we're God's robots, we're defective and we need to corrected by God's brutal beating, or the Universalist world, brutal chastening, every time we commit a sin.

Final note: We are not God's robots, even if we repented we do not need to be physically corrected, He lets us do whatever we wish like the Prodigal Son. God again is not a psychopath, He will not brutally beat up His own creation and force them to do His will. His grace is resistible and He gives us the freedom to choose (Joshua 23). The Apostle James said that God's grace is not binding to all men.

And just because God lets all men to do whatever they wish doesn't mean He will let them into Heaven. The teaching of Hell is biblical, the domain of Hell is spiritual and timeless as Heaven. The torment, pain, suffering in Hell doesn't end, and the fire according to Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew is unquenchable and doesn't burn out.

So be ready and hold fast, and do not backslide and fall away. Remain faithful until He comes.

The next article I will try to clear some issue with biblical verses that the Universalists try to defeat biblical Christianity including some Christian apologists such as Clement and Origen.

Need to call 911? Better switch to Comcast

For those who live in rural areas and have AT&T, your phone and internet service could be cut off depending on what AT&T decides on November 7.

According to, AT&T has filed with the FCC to remove the regulations that require phone companies to serve in a rural area who doesn't provide U-Verse, leaving the customers choice of options with cable providers, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Brighthouse, Cox, Charter, and satellite broadband HughesNet and Wildblue. Verizon sold most of its FiOS systems to Frontier Communications and the defunct phone provider Fairpoint.

AT&T's CEO Stephenson has pointed out that rural areas could be upgraded, which is unlikely.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Can't post due to conditions

I have pain in my right arm and shoulder so I cannot post due this condition.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Islamic Autumn begins after an offensive YouTube video of Mohammad

We'll this is happening and martyrdom is rapidly coming. US diplomats in Libya and Egypt were all killed including four Americans in Cairo, and our US Ambassador. Obama and the Democrats are defending the Muslims. This is because of a anti-Islamic YouTube video depicting Muhammad.

A New World Islamic Order is rapidly approaching and martyrdom is near. As the rise of the 12th Imam of the Quran, known as the false messiah of Christianity in Revelation 13.

The Islamic riots is now spreading throughout Europe (Germany and Britain were affected) and Austraila. The FBI warned that Islamic riots could happen within the US and that's when Obama declares Martial Law and suspends the elections

You all need to repent now. Do not fool around. This is serious. Where you are destined to go is based on your decision. You must choose to live for Jesus and be prepared to die in His Name.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11, Property Grab: The End of Due Process, US-Israeli Relationship ends

America cannot forget 9/11 but they forgot God. The Destruction of the Twin Towers was a warning from God, that if they do not repent, he will make the nation desolate. Today, America hasn't changed nor repented. Abortions skyrocket, homosexual marriages expanding, even the DNC curses God.

While we remembered of those who died in 9/11 terror attack, we also need to remember that God is impatient and will not tolerate our behavior. That's why we need Jesus, His only Begotten Son (John 3:16).

The DOJ has granted the ATF more powers to seize private and personal property regardless if the person does not own firearms, cigarettes, or alcoholic beverages. This has put the final nail in the coffin for Due Process.

We as Christians and believers in Christ Jesus are not of the government. Our only ruler we should obey is Jesus alone. Christians are not to be involved in politics. We are to focus on the Lord and not worry on the things that are politically related. We are to focus on things that are spiritually related.

Israeli PM Nethanyahu may call on the US diplomats to leave Israel, close the embassy and call of all of its Israeli ambassadors back to Israel, because Nethanyahu said it cannot wait and must attack Iran now. Nethanyahu blasted the US for telling him to wait.

As I said back earlier, I am warning the American Jews to leave the US and head to Israel for their own safety. I maybe skeptic and out of my mind, but I'm worried that the American Jews could be put in FEMA camps along with bible-believing Christians and begin the mass-extermination since the Holocaust.

America is Babylon the Great, the spiritually rebirth of the old Babylon. America was blessed by God, but now cursed by God for turning her back on Israel, and showing all of the filthiness.

I don't any denials from Alex Jones or Kurt Nimmo saying that Iran has no nukes. Alex Jones is a Jesuit and needs to get his head out of the ground. I don't want hear "Those are fake photos of Iran's nuclear facilities. This was all staged in a secet location. No nukes in Iran." Bunk. Iran's nukes could reach New York, America will become desolate. The nation will be no more.

I'm not praying that America will be destroyed. But God has warned the nation. America Babylon The Great will be drunk with the blood of the saints. The blood of the saints and the innocent will be flowing out of the Pagan Lady Liberty known as the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar's torch.

Repent now or you'll be gone with America. We humble ourselves as Christians and deny our patriotism.

Monday, September 10, 2012

CISPA resurrected through Executive Order, FBI launches national face recognition database

After Congress failed to pass the 1984 bill CISPA, it has been resurrected through executive order by Obama's term "We can't wait".  The provisions in the bill has been written into the executive order, making the right to privacy dead.

Meanwhile, according to NTEB blog, The FBI has launched a $1 billion face recognition database in order to identify criminals. This database is now being launched nationwide, in your supermarket, in your home, everywhere.

The ACLU warned that once the FBI plugged into the database, it becomes national.

The Facial Recognition program is expected to go into full force by 2014.

Remember, the RFID national mandatory program goes into effect in March 2013, a year before the facial recognition program going into effect.

This is not the time to fool around. Get right with God, repent and confess your sins.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

DNC Declares Obama as Messiah and declares Israel as an enemy

Prophecy Warning: Obama could be the "false messiah" of Revelation 13.

I can't be sure if this is true but the NTEB blog has shown that Obama could be the false messiah and Dictator of the New World Order. The DNC has declared Obama as "messiah".

More of that the Democratic National Convention has implied that Israel is an enemy which will lead to mass-extermination of American Jews, Israeli immigrants and Israeli Tourists to the US. I said in my last post Obama will call the US ambassadors out of Israel and close the embassy.

The Mass-extermination cannot happen as long as the GOP has control of both the House and Senate at least for 2 years, however Obama, in the near future will order the detention and mass-extermination of American Jews, Israeli Immigrants, and Israeli tourists by a new Executive Order. The same goes with Patriots, American citizens, and Christians. Obama will join Iran and Russia to battle against Israel in these Last Days.

It is a violation of the UN Human Rights and the International Charter that war crimes and human rights abuses are against International law, but the UN won't care.

Wake up and repent now. Do not put God's gift away. That time is now.

I don't care if Romney wins, because Obama will declare martial law during "peace time".

Monday, September 3, 2012

Obama turns against Israel, makes secret ties with Irans

This is a warning to all Christians in America: COME OUT OF HER, saith YHWH.

Obama has turned against Israel and made secret ties Iran.  The Countdown clock to Babylon America's Sharia law is ticking. Obama will soon round and detain all the American Jews as well as Christians and mass-exterminate them and us since the days of Hitler and the Holocaust.

American Jews and Israeli immigrants to the US must leave America immediately before Obama starts the mass-extermination.  Nethanyahu will soon call its' Israeli Ambassadors back to Israel and close the Israeli Embassy in the US, Obama will call all its' ambassadors back to the US and close its embassy in Israel, but he will keep the Israelis that immigrate to the US and the American Jews detained and mass-exterminated like Hitler did.

Martyrdom is coming, brothers and sisters in Christ. The blood of saints will be spilled on America's soil. Instead of fire burning out of Lady Liberty the pagan Babylon Goddess Ishtar's torch, the blood of saints will be overflowing out of her torch and on her lips.

Repent and pray to God to forgive you of your sins. Be prepared to die for Christ Jesus.

God bless and Maranatha.