Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cashless society by 2017? It's coming faster.

Remember what Jack Van Impe quoting from a newspaper that a cashless society coming in 2017 requiring everyone to be microchipped? We'll it's closer than we think, because Louisiana has passed a law requiring people to pay electronically, making cash worthless in the state and it will become nationwide sooner, and sometimes in a year, two, or three will become globally.

In my other post, Pope Benedict XVI calls for a global central bank. All the Governments of the world are speeding it up and this is leading to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, eiither we will be taken before the tribulation or be killed for our beliefs.

Those of you who are in the state of Louisiana, you will be facing persecution. If you buy groceries with cash, you go to prison. If this becomes national, we will be facing persecution.

Revelation 2:10 clearly states that we are to remain faithful unto Christ Jesus even if we have to die for Him, because death is rewarding.

Time is running out. Repent, call on God for His Forgiveness, and be baptized with water.

God bless.

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