Saturday, November 9, 2013

FCC brings back Fariness Doctrine and applies it to the Internet, Goes after Conservative talk

Michael Savage interviews Tom Tradup on the FCC going after Conservative talk radio. The FCC is reviving the Fairness Doctrine and turning this nation into a communist society. Very soon we will be forced to choose to deny Jesus or die.

The FCC proposal requires all media outlets to conduct a survey written by Silver Springs, MD. based Social Solutions International (SSI), which is likely going to lead to censorship. A report on a natural disaster could be ignored, or any forecast could be changed to "sunny everyday" meaning "Everything is fine" when a sudden severe storm unexpectedly nearly or completely destroy a resident areas or towns and the warning sirens didn't go off. Perhaps the National Weather Service might be paid by our government to ignore these severe storms and putting lives in jeopardy. Even a report on someone who have been shot, regard of his/her race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, could be ignored. Seems like that the murdering of Caucasians could be ignored.