Saturday, July 20, 2013

Google plans to implant chips in your brain

Mark of the Beast:

London Independent reports that Google plans to insert chips your brain.

Protests could become national violent riot if DOJ doesn't find Civil Rights Violation on Zimmerman

The Obama DOJ has put the Zimmerman case on hold as the department doesn't investigate Civil Rights violations.

This is what the DOJ wants, what Obama wants, to turn a national protest into a national violent riot already happening in Los Angeles, Oakland and Chicago

It take some time for a riot in Los Angeles to spread nationally. and martial law and the beginning of the new world order is coming soon.

Jesus may soon return or we shall die in His Name.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Race Riot, Civil War, and Martial Law could erupt if Zimmerman is acquitted

A race riot, civil war and martial law is likely to occur shortly if Zimmerman is acquitted.

I believe the audio in the background is Trayvon Martin.

UPDATE: Zimmerman found NOT GUILTY, race riot and martial law is under way.

Please pray to the Lord Jesus to spiritually protect you in these dark times.

UPDATE 2: Rush Limbaugh's predictions of a race riot as a result of Zimmerman's acquittal is now being fulfilled.