Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LDP's New draft to the Pacifist Constitution could start another Pearl Harbor

War-monger and Ultranationalist Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe called for a revise of the Pacifist Constitution allowing Abe and the LDP to start another Pearl Harbor. I was in tears when I saw this and these warmongers are trying to pick up where Tojo, Abe's grandfather, and all those Class A war criminals left off. They were trying to go back to the Meiji Constitution.

I found a section the Wikipedia article of the Pacifist Constitution and scrolled down to the 2012 draft. Here's the details

Preamble:  Parts of the Preamble are deleted in the LDP draft.

Article 1: currently declares the Emperor of Japan as a "symbol", but the LDP draft makes the Emperor the '"head of state. This is the reason of how Shintoism or the religion of human worship has made the nation aggressive toward the US and those sex slaves in China and Korea known as "comfort women".

Article 3: In LDP draft, Japan's flag and national anthem must be respected.

If our US government were to force a similar change, it would violate our First Amendment. But apparently I would like that to happen, then again I would be committing a sin of flag worship, 

Article 9 is the section we must worry because it's the reason why Japan had became a pacifist. It forbids the Japanese Government from forming a Military force due to what prior to pre-WWII under the Japanese Imperial Army. Japan currently restricted to just a Self-Defense Force.  The LDP draft removes their burden and allows them to build an aggressive military force. However, If America gets attacked, Japan can come to our aide and defend us from any attack from other rogue nations including North Korea.

Articles 12, 13, 22, and 29 currently defines the human rights of Japan by the Western-European Theory (including freedom of religion) but the LDP draft replaces those rights redefining "public welfare" to public interest and public order.

Furthermore the Article 12 LDP draft shows that everyone must be cautious in fact there are responsibilities and obligations.

Article 13 in the LDP draft removes the rights of individualism.

Article 97 is deleted

The LDP draft restricts freedom of speech. The LDP is not only a warmonger but a civilian oppressor, the UN Human Rights has found a lot of violations in the country of Japan and the LDP was responsible for that. The United States had also found reports of child abductions.

Article 29 in the LDP redefines Intellectual Property rights.

Article 28 in the LDP draft removes the right to form labor unions.

Article 36 is deleted. Do we have to go over there again and teach the LDP a lesson they wouldn't learn? This violates the UN human rights charter which prohibits torture

Article 96 is the thing we need to be reminded. Amendments to the Japan Constitution require a supermajority in both houses of the Diet just like we do in Congress but differently it requires a supermajority of the Japanese population while in the US a change or amendment to our Constitution requires a supermajority of Governors (33 states to have them ratified). The LDP draft shows that amendments require a majority of both houses but still require a majority of the population, that is unless the LDP decides that the requirement of a majority of the population is removed, then again the people of Japan would no longer have a say for or against such change to their Current constitution. The people of Japan would be stifled and oppressed.

In fact, the same would happen in the US if our president wants a constitutional change without notifying our governors to ratify, which is unlikely because 29 states (which are conservative) will likely block the change since the Board of Governors are controlled by the GOP unless the liberals step in (Democratic will need 13 states to win control of the Board of Governors and a supermajority to ratify such change)

The most important section that would be modified is Article 18 which forbids slavery except when committing a crime. In the LDP draft, it reads

"Nobody is physically restricted in the social and economical relationship whether it’s against the person’s will or not."

That means Japanese women can be forced as a sex slave. Children could be put into forced labor. This is a red flag to the International Community. 

UPDATE: PM Abe has backed off from revising Japan's current constitution. Apparently, even if the LDP has enough seats to get a majority along with New Komeito, Your Party, and the racist far-right Japan Restoration Party, the votes won't be enough for a supermajority in the upper House of Councilors to modify Article 96. In fact, the plans to reduce the lower House of Representatives to be the same as the upper House is unlikely.

UPDATE 2:  Abe's LDP is planning to submit a bill to amend the supreme code based on it constitutional revision draft. What this would do is make it easier for the LDP in both houses to secretly amend the Pacifist Constitution without any national referendum. No one in Japan will able to voice such changes.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Orwell's 1984: Google's new DRM/censorship like patent will silence the gospel

Huffington Post reports that Google has filed a patent for a censorship/DRM software called the Policy violation checker. This will eventually become available to our federal government and other fascist states like Iran and China. It will also make it easier for intellectual property/copyright holders of the publishing and television media, including journalists, biographers, fiction/non-fiction authors, and newspapers, to crack down on people who write fanfics and will also be used to combat plagiarism.

User: I just move to Bing.

But Microsoft would likely want in on Google's patent.

User: Okay I'll just get a Mac.

But Apple wants in, on the patent too.

User: Okay I use Linux instead.

But the federal government will likely use Google's patent.

User: I'll just read a book instead.

Did I forget to mention that this software will be implemented in a brain implant?

User: Better build an underground bunker before this becomes mandatory.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Newsletter

Hacktivists plans to attack government and banking websites

Far left communist, hacktivist, and cyber-terrorist Anonymous according to Avast blog, has announced that they will wipe govt' and banks "off the face of the net" on May 7.

This will eventually cause an economic and financial collapse, and lead to a communist New World Order.

They also announced that next year they would attack again. They sound like Ahmadinejad, and they act like him, too. It's a Communist and hacktivist version of Psalm 83:4.

I will post something on how to survive.

LGBT activist: Institution of Marriage should not Exist

Title says all, even Glenn Beck the Mormon hypocrite agrees. Modern Day Sodomy in the land of the Great Whore America. God no longer blesses America anymore.

America has become like the Days of Lot. When America is destroyed, not 50, 40, 30, 20, or even 10 will be spared for God's wrath.

God never gave us a nation to begin with

But he gave us salvation through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.

If you want to be spared from God's wrath, you need to repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Police Taking Parent's babies and How Planned Parenthood will use them to take away your God given babies for the slaughter

Planned Parenthood are planning to use local, state, and federal law enforcements to take your babies away for the slaughter in their modern Moloch worship.

NTEB reports: California police were sent by Child Protective Services to take away a family's baby for child neglect.

You as parents are not safe for you  and your babies, you need to start to make preparations. Build a sturdy underground bunker and keep it covered with lots of dirt and keep the entrance camouflaged something like fake grass.

You may not know but abortionist murderer Kermit Gosnell, who murdered a newborn that survived a botched abortion, could go free and your God-given precious babies are not safe when Planned Parenthood comes busting down your door and take them away for the slaughter. It's will be like the days since the birth of Jesus, where King Herod ordered his soldiers to slaughter Jewish babies.

Most of all we all must die as martyrs for our Lord even if there's no pre-trib rapture.  We must pray that Gosnell gets the death penalty or else our god-given babies will be taken away to Planned Parenthood's slaughterhouse.

Can you say Moloch worship? It happened in the Old Testament where people sacrificed live babies to the idol of the pagan god Moloch. It will be the same

And we have to take a stand and defend our God-given babies.

Please pray that Gosnell gets the death penalty and go to the ACLJ.