Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pharisee UK archbishop demand Christians to repent of Homophobia

Yes, I am calling the Archbishop a Pharisee for demanding Christians to repent our their preaching against sin. And you know why? Homophobia.

This proving heterosexuals are the minority. Even in fact, San Antonio has proposed a ordinance that Christians could lose their right to a job, contract, running for office, if they speak out against sin. The word Sexual orientation in the proposed ordinance includes pedophilia.

What do you think those FEMA detention camps are used for? Christians

What are the guillotines there for? CHRISTIANS.

Preaching against sin will be punishable under the penalty of death as it like was in the First Century. Stephen the Christian was worthy to die for the Lord Jesus for his witness. Peter was also martyred for the preaching. Paul was martyred in Rome for the same this. and Justin Martyr. (This is what we get the word Martyrdom from even if it's not found in the New Testament, there are other passage that support the teaching)

We as Christian brethren will be accounted worthy of persecution and martyrdom and will be rewarded with the Crown of Life (Revelation 2:10).

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

World War III begins: US prepares attack on Syria

Obama has sent ships preparing to attack Syria because of Assaad has used chemical weapons on his own people.

If the US attack Syria, this will trigger WWIII. The US would be blamed by the UN and the Arab League.

Jesus will come back at any moment, so be ready.