Friday, January 6, 2012

Enemy Expatriation Act: We are Citzens of the Kingdom of God

The Enemy Expatriation Act was introduced by both the House and Senate in November 2011 and has yet to be debated and voted sometime earlier this year. This legislation declares that Americans are no longer citizens if they practice their fundamental freedoms or express their faith in Christ Jesus.

Now we need to learn the we are citizens of Heaven, not America nor this world. The Bible clearly shows that a true disciple of Christ should remain autonomous and not to get involved with the government, including politics and voting.

John 18:36 proves that The Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world, therefore we should be not of this world and we should not get involved in politics and voting for we are chosen out of this world.

Simple verses in Proverbs proves that rulers are wicked. No ruler is perfect except the Greatest Ruler who rules in our hearts. Even Ron Paul, if he wins, he will spiritually fall like Saul, David, Solomon, and Melchizedek.

Now for examples: An African-American teenage girl was deported to Columbia because the ICE wrongfully declared her as an illegal immigrant. It took her 3 months to get back home, she didn't speak fluent Spanish.

Now about human government, how does it fit in the New Testament. We see in the Old Testament that human governments are wicked. Could human government be the cause of division? According to the Apostle Paul, there should be no divisions among us. Since we must be in unity, we must shun (avoid) human government as it is the cause of division. I guess the US Government shouldn't need to expatrionize us. We must expatrionize ourselves and follow Christ.

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