Monday, May 28, 2012

List of Keywords that makes suspicous signs that you are a threat to the US

Better cancel all the newscasts, weather, shut down all the news websites, dismantle the warning sirens and even stop distributing the newspaper because over 100 words are now consider to be a sign of a threats to the US, that includes the weather, even events happening around the world. Yep, Government propaganda telling the nation that "Everything is fine." We might as we'll consider the letters of the alphabet sign of a threat to the US as well.

Jesus warned, "Peace and safety, then sudden destruction."

Oh, wait. We forgot that the keyword "Jesus" as well as "Bible" are also on the blacklist.

We are living in the last days and I am taking my chances to get the Gospel out even I have to risk on getting myself "Disappear".

Special Thanks to Andrew Napolitano.

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