Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dan Savage blasts Christianity at High School Journalism Conference

Dan Savage, a homosexual Anti-Bullying advocate and founder of "It Gets better" blasts Christianity by saying the bible promotes slavery and he calls Christians a pansy.

We are living in the Last Days where Judgment upon America begins when the blood of the saints is poured out of Lady Liberty's torch with everyone drinking from her cup. Lady Liberty is drunk with the blood of the saints. Wake up. It's too late to pray America. She is drunk with the blood of the saints. America will become desolate in Her final hour.

The "It Gets Better" campaign will lead to arrest and execution of Christians. Jesus warned that we will be hated and martyred for His Namesake.

America is not our home, nor the earth is our home, but our home is in Heaven.

Time is running out. Repent and come out of her.

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