Monday, May 7, 2012

Anaya: Pack your things and move back to Europe, America is Sacred Land

In September, The UN may consider to force everyone who are Non-native descendents (including people of European Ancestors) to move back to Europe. Most of all, those who have immigrated to this country will have to return back to their countries.

French speaking Louisianans will have to move back to France. Spanish speaking Floridians must move back to Spain. Chinese Californians must move back to China, Japanese Hawaiians to Japan and Russian Alaskans to Russia. 

UN investigator James Anaya visited Indian reservations in Alaska, Hawaii, South Dakota, Arizona, the Pacific Northwest, and Oklahoma. According to Anaya, The Natives have been oppressed through racism and discrimination. The United States have violated treaties since the Jamestown colonization. Anaya suggested that these sacred lands (that's the entire country) being given back to natives. Anaya is expected that the recommendation which will likely to be for US government is to give back the entire country over to the natives and force everyone of their ancestors who colonized their so-called sacred land back to Europe, Russia, China, and Japan

So folks, you better enjoy your last months here in this country, because in September you will be forced to move back to Europe or any country you of your ancestor came from after the Govt gives it back to the Natives.

For you Canadians, you're next. Because the UN is planning on investigating your country and will recommend to force you to move What about New Zealand and Australia? I don't know, Australia was used as a penal colony. On the other hand, they will have to give up the entire continent and return to Britain. Same goes with New Zealand.

Apparently Britain and Ireland is going to get really overcrowded. Africa, Spain, and Portugal and probably as well since Cortez was the one who slaughtered the Aztecs. Not to mention Brazil, Chile, and all the South American countries will have to give up their country back to the Amazonians and those who are native Incan descendants. Most of those who are native Mayan descendants will get their sacred land back from Mexico and Central American nations.

You: Wait, this only applies to landmarks.

Actually, it applies to the whole country. Check the Native American map

I wonder if Israel should give their land back to the Canaanites and the Philistines? Oh, wait they wiped them out under the power of God

Plus everyone has to dig up those caskets and coffins of every family member who are non-natives and transfer them back to Europe and other countries. That includes our founding fathers and pilgrims who wrongfully colonized sacred native soil.

Apparently, The UN should really look at China for oppressing the Tibetans and demand them to free Tibet.

If Anaya wants to do that, then he should really start moving back to Spain.

Goodbye, Lady Liberty. It was nice knowing you.

Importantly, this earth isn't our home. Our home is in Heaven. When Jesus calls His Church home, We'll be there with Him for all eternity.

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