Saturday, May 26, 2012

Apocalypse II: Revelation-like amendment to the defense bill will allow gov't to use propaganda to label Christians as "Haters/Terrorists"

The movie Apocalypse II: Revelation is about to come into reality as a new amendment to the defense bill would allow government propaganda to label you as a Terrorist (Hater) if you believe in Jesus Christ.

As this point, not only our Freedom of Speech and thoughts are under attack, but our freedom to worship The God of the Bible is under attack as well.

If passed and signed, we will see billboards and alternate news that will force everyone to worship Obama and even try to brainwash people to report anyone who is a Christian to the authorities.

There's no doubt that the blood of the saints will be spilled upon this nation's soil. Lady Liberty's torch will be full of the blood of the saints. There's nothing we can do. This is God's doing and he's allowing America to become drunk with the blood of the saints. All nations are fornificating with her and it won't be long until this nation becomes desolate. Heaven will be rejoicing for what America has done to the unborn children

Come out of her saith the Lord. Prepare for Martyrdom for we will receive the Martyr's crown.

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