Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Law of the Sea Treaty and the New World Order

You may have heard about the Law of the Sea Treaty.

Since 1956 as UNCLOS I which had little success, but issues with territorial waters. UNCLOS II failed in 1960. UNCLOS III in 1967 was negotiated during the Nixon administration in 1973. The final draft of the treaty was finished and signed by 180 nations in 1982 except President Reagan refused to sign it because it would force America to surrender its' sovereignty. President Bill Clinton signed the treaty in 1994 but the Senate refused to ratify it, even before the end of the Bush Administration in 2007 as Senator DeMint rejects the treaty and urges his fellow members to vote against it. The treaty is still sitting in the Senate.

Should the Senate ratify the treaty, brethren, we must prepare for the greatest persecution and martrydom in history. The treaty is just one step towards a new world order and the final piece of bible prophecy before the Lord Jesus Christ's return.

A hearing on the Treaty is scheduled on the Senate Armed Forces Committee next week. But 24 signatures are 10 votes short to block the ratification.

If you want true freedom, Seek Jesus Christ. He can only give you freedom, not the government.

If you want to be followers of Christ, you must renounce your patriotism and follow Him.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world nor Jesus is.

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