Saturday, May 5, 2012

Campaign for a Commercial-free childhood exposed

What is the organization? They are a far-right extremist organization that brainwashes parents, force their own morals against our own free will to do whatever we want, whatever they force us to do what is right and what pleases them, and what they want for their children to do their own wish. They seem to be a mix of Puritan and Reformed and legalism. The CCFC are really up to no good. They unrighteously condemn and judge people of their outward appearance. The bible condemns us all as dirty rotten hell-deserving sinners.

Their mission statement claims that:

- they support parents' efforts to raise healthy families

- the freedom of parents' to raise them

Who said that? This is not giving parents the freedom to do what's right. It's brainwashing and forcing parents against their own will.

This is highly unethical and unscriptural. Every parent makes mistakes by letting their child do whatever they want, except they are responsible for their children on doing sinful things, such as watching adult content, playing with sharp things, eating medications like it's candy, drinking alcohol, watching too much TV or eating too much. 

What's next? Should the CCFC tell the churches to stop preaching the gospel because it promotes violence and sexuality?

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