Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Justice Department calls on Congress to make it a federal crime to lie on the internet or simply silencing the gospel of Jesus

The Justice Department is now calling on Congress to make it a federal crime to lie on the internet, including fake identities, plagiarism, breaching terms of service, etc. While I do support the idea to strengthen an anti-plagiarism internet law, however the DOJ can use such law to label the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a lie, thus making it illegal. Issues on Homosexuality, mentioning sin, opposing Communism, supporting democracy, opposing abortion, criticizing the President, the media, or a company can also be labeled as a lie.

Jesus said "You will be hated because of Me." - Mark 13:13, Luke 21:27, Matthew 10:22.

If we do not stop this proposed measure or any such measures being passed and becoming law, your 1st Amendment right will be gone and persecution in America will soon begin.

So we need to raise our voice and take a stand against this kind of measure or we will go into persecution.

God bless you.

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