Sunday, November 6, 2011

Examining The Church of Christ, Independent and International

The Churches of Christ are independent and sometimes international (including the Evangelical Christian Church of Canada). They are non-denominational, like myself.

The COC claim that Alexander Campbell was the founder of the non-denominational independent church. That is not accurate. He never formed the COC, he formed a denominational church called the Disciples of Christ, which is Reformed Protestant/Presbyterian. While the Old Testament has been fulfilled and we do not practice OT Laws from Leviticus or Deuteronomy. I do have a staunch against The COC applying some Deuteronomy laws in their churches, because the Laws were for the Jews, Jesus fulfilled them and the apostles including Paul all saying that they do not apply to us.

Plus, The COC claims you can lose your salvation if you leave their church. That is not true. The only way you can lose your salvation if you sin again. The Apostles never said about leaving a church even if those who teach doctrines that cause division. Denominational churches are division, but doctrines can cause division.

For Eschatology, They take some doctrines from the Catholic, Lutheran, and Orthodox churches claiming that The Jews rejected Jesus, including the Star of David or Star of Molech. Even Orthodox Jews, deny the pagan symbol. I do believe that the Star of David is Pagan. Some Satanists use it for black magic. Judaizing is does not mean a Christian who supports Israel, the term means a Christian who practice Judaism. I do seem to be wrong on Jewish Holidays, I don't practice those kind of things. If only their flag had a menorah on it instead the Star of David. The DOC, COC's denominational counterpart, do teach Preterism, either partial or full. The COC however is somehow Partial Preterist, meaning they teach that the Old Testament prophecies have been fulfilled in the past from the time of Jesus to the Destruction of Jerusalem, but the Second Coming has yet to be fulfilled.

Passover is a memorial day for the Death and Resurrection of Jesus to keep us in remembrance .The COC seems to be Amillenial, saying there's no such thing as a millennium or a millenial reign of Christ on Earth. Insisting that the Church has replaced the Old Israel. This is possibly not true. Israel can mean both natural and spiritual. God has not eternally put Israel away, but temporarily until the Gospel is preached. I do believe His Kingdom is not from this world. But that doesn't mean there is no millennial kingdom. I am willing and accepting my damnation if they are right. Chilioi etos  in Greek means kiloyears. A kiloyear is 1000 years. If there is a literal 1000 years, in my Historic Premillennial view since the dispensational view has been scraped. We will be post-trib'd out before the final 7 bowls of God's Wrath or what I call is Spiritual cleansing, then the literal 1000 year reign and finally the uncreation of this universe we live in.

I do believe in Sola scriptura, but it's not in the bible. Baptism and Communion is a commandment. But I don't think it's not esscential to be saved. The COC claim the Baptism is salvation. Simply not true. Ephesians 2:8 says that we are saved by "Grace thru Faith". Not only that but we are saved by hope  Baptism is a commandment to receive the Holy Spirit.

I do agree however, that they have a staunch against Once Saved, Always Saved and the Sinner's Prayer. I don't know if they reject the doctrine of Free Will. I do think however, it is okay to pray to God for his mercy on our sins.

Offerings? Some of the COC, do or do not collect money. The money is not for God, but for the property they run their churches. Jesus says to give whatever you have, not everything nor 10%. However, Their teaching of Freewill offering is similar to tithing, therefore it's not scriptural as the COC have adopted this method from the Protestant Denominations. While they claim the church is not a building, they admit that their churches are buildings. Plus, their music is only singing a'capella, which it's okay to me. I do however, have a staunch against Christian rock. I listen to Ray Boltz and nothing else.

Membership? To be a member of the COC, one must hear the Gospel, Repent of their sins (turning from their old habits), Confessing that Jesus is Lord to the congregation, and be baptized. Apparently, they might be a cult, but they seem to have a good point on salvation but they seem to forget they can't confess that Jesus is Lord without the title "Savior". Some of the COC churches won't allow you to confess your sins to God privately in your own house aka Sinner's Prayer, but 1 John 1:9 proves that the Confession of Sins is scriptural. They seem to be have an unscriptural term "No Creed but Christ". Having a creed (such as the Nicene Creed and the Apostle's Creed) is optional, but it's unbiblical as the COC says. Nowhere does the bible say "No Creed but Christ". If it's not there, it's unbiblical.

They have their own TV/Internet channel called the Gospel Broadcasting Network which only the COC members can donate their offerings.  I don't know if these people are committing a sin of tithing, even if they reject the unscriptural doctrine, they do this to keep the channel running.

The COC do seem to go over the edge of the New Testament, since they are NT only, especially supporting capital punishment which is hatred and it's not what Jesus commanded us to do. They somehow are legalists. The Evangelical Christian Church of Canada (formally the CECC) do support Israel and a literal millennium.

For the Book of Revelation, they don't believe in The New World Order because Jesus will come back any second unless The Second Coming is a spiritual, the literal Antichrist (implying that we are Antichrist) and the mark of the beast which implying that 666 is symbolic for imperfection or mankind, implying that we are the Beast.

You can choose this church if you want. If you think this church is the right one, it's up to you. However, despite of being a member of the COC is specifically unbiblical. Being part of Christ doesn't require membership, all you have to do is believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you're part of His Family.

A church is not a building as the COC claim. You can form your own house church although Paul would say that you'll have to get rid of your kitchen if you do. You could have a church in your barn or shed or you can assemble your congregation in a park or outside in your yard depending on the weather. There's nothing in the bible saying you must be licensed/certified preacher/evangelist. That's legalism. I myself don't need to be a licensed or a certified preacher to preach the gospel because the Apostles of the First Century Early Church never went to college to became licensed/certified apostles as colleges never existed in that time frame.

I will be posting my 7 points of Taylorism and the Articles of Discipleship. These are not creeds.

God bless.

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