Thursday, November 10, 2011

ACTA is now signed, TPP is next and SOPA will pass

You all heard of ACTA, a trade agreement to kill your internet service and/or put you in prison indefinitely. It was signed on October 1. It's too late. Everyone was too busy with the Occupy Movement and Obama was using this movement to sign it. 8 countries signed it and the EU has yet to sign it.  It is now international law.. What will happen in the future is more anti-piracy trade agreements like this one will two things, set up UK style wireless surveillance cameras in your house with possibly speakers like in the Simpsons episode, have DRM-chips implanted in your brain to make sure you obey copyright, be uncreative and unproductive, . The TPP(Trans-Pacific Partnership) agreement which will be negotiated from today thru November 14. If TPP passes, it will cripple innovation, creativity, and production. Those trade agreements, are the steps to the New World Order. Under ACTA, if a child draws a trademarked cartoon character and photocopies it to the net, that child will be facing indefinite imprisonment. If one mentions a trademarked character or corporate company, indefinite imprisonment for that person.

The dictionary is probably copyrighted, the copyright Nazis would have your brain removed (full frontal lobotomy) and put it in a jar and lock it into a deep freeze sealed vault where it is isolated from the world. You would become a mindless zombie. If KJV bible was copyrighted by someone else, under ACTA and TPP you will be persecuted.

This isn't about protecting intellectual property, it's about taking all of the tax payer's money and worshiping it. Copyright/Intellectual property is nothing but protection of materialism. If the Occupy movement were to burn the RIAA and the MPAA building, I be praising them and blessing them.

The house has introduced a worse version of two Senate bills, PROTECT-IP Act which was held by Senator Wyden, and Commercial Felony Streaming Act. This bill called the Stop Online Piracy Act, E-Parasites Act, or SOPA, will cripple innovation, creativity, free speech, free press, privacy, and production.

Repent and be baptized.

God Bless

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