Monday, October 3, 2011

What makes the economy crash and Why are the signs pointing to The End

The economy keeps on going down and what's causing it to keep going down and will soon crash is:

1. Bee population declining and the scarce of honey production. There are three things that causes the bees to die, cell phones, pesticides, and the weather. With bees dying, there are no pollination, and without pollination more diseases will increases. Scientists have discovered a new bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics and it transmitted from cow meat. That's why there's no pollination. Less pollination, more diseases.

2. While Gold and Silver values are rising, all the world's currencies are becoming devalued. The euro is weeks of becoming worthless. It is possible that all the values of precious metals would become worthless as the world's currencies in the near future. James 5:1-3 clearly states that all the riches (including gold and silver) will become worthless in the last days. People of today in the modern world have been in love in material things rather than the love for God. It is very clear that we must focus on heavenly riches than earthly riches. You have seen a lot of false teachers of the prosperity gospel and why the fall feasts have nothing to do with prosperity. Prosperity gospel teachers including Paula White, Pat Robertson, Steve Munsey, and Jim Bakker. Think about it and look around you in your house, wouldn't it be the perfect time to teach your children, or toddler about Jesus/Yeshua instead of buying them toys? It's never too early to start.

Jesus/Yeshua wants us to be His disciples by obeying His commandments and be baptized. Without baptism you can't be added to The Bride. A bride must be spotless from all sins. If we can't do what Jesus commanded, it's going to be a not-so glory day for us when we hear Him, "I never knew you. Depart from me, you worker of iniquity." Jesus isn't playing around. The End is going to come, whether the Antichrist will appear onto the world's scene or not, whether He is going to set up His Kingdom in Jerusalem or simply end the world, dematerialize it with His Word. Since flesh is made material from the earth in the Beginning, it will be destroyed.

This does sound like heresy, but I have read in the book of Matthew or somewhere in the New Testament where Jesus said "There should no flesh be saved." This could mean that the resurrection could be spiritual than physical. It's possible that our spirit will leave the flesh and enter the kingdom of Heaven. If flesh can't enter the kingdom of Heaven then this has to be a spiritual resurrection.

3. War spending, debt ceiling, paying for other things we can't afford. With every bill passing and signed into law. We are now a socialist nation And very soon we will go into a New World Socialist Government where Christianity will be outlawed. Jesus/Yeshua said "if the world hated you, be reminded that the world hated me."

A New World Order is coming, and we must prepared to die for our Lord and Savior. Please accept Jesus into your Heart and be baptized.

God bless you in Yahweh's name.

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