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L. Ray Smith's False Gospel Part 4: Recap, Review, and Conclusion

This is Part 4 and the conclusion of L. Ray Smith's False Gospel. Without further a due, let's recap.

Part 1, I refuted L. Ray Smith's denial of Eternal Hell and the Trinity

First on The trinity, in His article "Is God a Closed Trinity or an Open Family", L. Ray Smith this that God is an "open family". Again, God is all living person both natural and spiritual. But here's what disturbs me:

"I and the Father, We are ONE" (John 10:30)

Where did L. Ray get this verse. No where did Jesus say "we" or "the" in the King James Bible in John 10:30. He is using a corrupted bible, possibly from the Aramaic scriptures called the Peshitta. Apparently, The Sacred Name Cult has claimed that the Peshitta is the only authorized scripture translated from Hebrew to Aramaic. This was only translated in the 4th century AD by the Syrian Vulgate. Hebrew rabbis translated the Torah back during the Grecian Empire in Greek called the Septuagint, which is the authorized scripture that Emperor Ptolemy asked the rabbis to translate it into his language. This was dated back in the 3rd Century BC. Which is the only official scriptures that was translated into English by King James, including the Apostles that spoke Greek and Hebrew. The Sacred Name Cult claimed that Septuagint is a counterfeit of the Peshitta. They claim that Jesus means "Hail Zeus" and "Christos" means "Krishna". Remember that the Tower of Babel is confusion, which why there are arguments regarding about Jesus the Messiah, savior, and Godhead. Rabbi Schneider, host of the Jewish Jesus, claims that Jesus is Yeshua and God is Yahweh which they are all true because the Hebrew Torah was translated in the Greek Septuagint. But the most important text that was translated from Hebrew and Greek to English are the Masoretic Text and the Textus Receptus.

The correct translation from the King James is:

"I and my Father are one"

Most of the other bibles have incorrect verses except the American KJV which is the same as the original.

Jesus Christ said,
"...I am going to the Father, for the Father is GREATER than I" (John 14:28).
Where do we read that Christ is GREATER than the Father? There is no trinity in this verse!

When Jesus said that the He and the Father one, and The Father is greater than Him. He was talking about His Incarnation not natural essence.

Now L. Ray Smith denies the existence of eternal Hell. Much worse, he bashed the book "23 Minutes in Hell". Like all Universalists, including the Churches of God and Grace Community Church (formally Worldwide Churches of God), he thinks that the Lake of Fire/Hell is age-lasting, in Young's Literal Translation and Concordant Literal New Testament.

Folks, Hell is a real place, it's located in the black hole. It's called the outer darkness. The Lake of Fire is the Eternal Hell for the Spiritually dead without Christ Jesus. Not just a metaphor, but a REAL UNSEEN PLACE.

Now, in Part 2 I refuted His slandering blasphemy and assure you that you are NOT THE BEAST.

The following things that L. Ray suggest that we are THE BEAST is:

- That we fall from grace.

- Not falling from our first love (esp. leaving our wives)

- Doing Carnal things. While I believe unscriptural to tithe, it is not carnal to be baptized, nor believing in the Trinity, nor believing and preaching about Eternal Hell, or Eschatology. I do believe in Free Will but only limited to Moral Responsibility as well as endurance.

The question is: How can we be the Man of Sin if the Spirit of God is dwelling in us? The Holy Spirit can't dwell in us if we are the man of sin.

Here's L. Ray's Smith's question:

Are you beginning to SEE IT? Is God giving you understanding? Do you see the grand and marvelous wisdom of it all?

Here's my answer to you L., Ray Smith....NO!

You're teachings are not God's giving understanding. You are leading the blind. It's not true eschatology. In fact, you reject eschatology and attack the deity of Jesus Christ. You're teaching is not giving us wisdom. You are lukewarm. You are the vomit in the Lord's and mine's mouth ready to be spewed out. There is real eternal Hellfire. Hellfire aka Lake of Fire is not salvation. Hellfire is real torment, not fire baptism.

L. Ray Smith is afraid of water. 
Okay now, last but not least, Part 3, his refutation of Eternity and Evangelism

I have a problem with L. Ray's attack on aionios meaning eternal insisting that it means "age-lasting" like the Hebrew word Olam. Olam does mean age-lasting, but it can also mean eternal. He uses Concordant Literal New Testament and Young's Literal Testament, which they both attack the deity of Christ, (CLNT says that Jesus became the "Alpha and Omega" in Revelation 21:6). and contradicts 1 Timothy 1:17, 6:16,  Matthew 6:13, John 12:34, 14:16, 2 Corinthians 9:9, Ephesians 1:21, Daniel 7:17, Romans 1:23, Galatians 1:5, Philippians 4:20, 1 Peter 1:23, Jude 1:25, and Revelation 22:5.

L. Ray Smith was part of an Armstrong legalist cult like all universalists.

On the evangelism part, He denies and falsely claims that evangelism is a dung and carnal. That main problem is that he suggest that we will be CHASTISED by GOD'S WRATH instead of not being appointed unto. According to yes2truth, the word punish in the Greek word for CHASTISED is Dr. Strong's remark. So we should rest assure to ignore that word because it's a Babylonian contamination of God's Word.

Instead of salvation by grace thru faith, it's salvation by FLOGGING.

Now a review on L. Ray Smith,

The letters he gets are from followers and those who negatively disagrees with his false doctrine of Eternal Reconciliation. Like this from Dump (must be his internet name, not referring to a garbage dump)

I hope you feel better now !
This is about you and God... not D.James Kennedy.
The Holy Spirit that God allows to exist in us revealed your hostility through your rhetoric.
My prayer for you is that God through his son will show you his love in a way that is according to his will, not  yours.

Ok... So lay it on me Ray ! ....   Dump

I feel the same way as Dump. However, I have a staunch against Dr. Kennedy's belief on the Once Saved, Always Saved Doctrine. This was before his death. He does however had a defense against abortion and evolution.

Doctor B. does believe that L. Ray Smith does not know Greek. He doesn't use Strong's Concordance instead uses CLNT and YLT. 
Here's L. Ray's response

Shame on you, Doctor. You are NOT teaching the GOSPEL [GOOD NEWS] of Jesus Christ. Your beloved eternal torture in a fabled hellhole of fire for all eternity is a damnable doctrine of devils and demons. Give it up, and begin treating your Heavenly Father and His HOLY WORDS with dignity and respect!!! 
On the contrary L. Ray Smith, it is YOU who do not teach God's Inspired Word and use the KJV like your own toilet paper to wipe with.
Okay, that's about it. To conclusion to this sermon on L. Ray's Smith's false gospel.
I hope we learned something from this. You need to read God's Word and believe on Jesus, not L. Ray Smith. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing, the blind leading the blind and has a log in his eye.
To L. Ray Smith, if you have something to refute what I say, please comment.
God bless you all and Stay away from this false prophet.

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