Friday, October 28, 2011

The Serpent Seed Doctrine EXPOSED

Now most heretics have taught about the Serpent Seed Doctrine including Arnold Murray of The Shepard's Chapel, Sherry Shriner, and Pastor Ben Heath of Christian Overcomers.These heretics contradict Genesis Chapter 3 and 4 stating that Satan has sex with Eve, thus Eve bore Cain and Cain was the Father of the Kenites, which these heretics claim that appears to be a Non-White race. This is pure racism and blasphemy. This racist teaching comes from the Christian Identity Doctrine as it came from the Anglican, Southern Baptist, Primitive Baptist, Hyper-Calvinists, Mormons, Neo-Nazis, etc.

Let me remind you that the Kenite is a tribe, not a race.

The heretics of the Serpent Seed Doctrine has misused Strong's Definition on verses defining their own false claims.

The word pleasant from the Hebrew word ta'avah means:

AV - desire 13, lust 1, greedily 1, pleasent 1, misc. 4; 20

The word "Lust" is also translated from the Hebrew word in "desire" is chamad. So just ignore that word. That "lust" part is just a Babylonian perversion of God's Word and those poor Serpent Seed heretics have fallen for it. Most of all, it's not a physical seed because Satan is a spirit and he was a morning star named Lucifer. He can't procreate. In order to support that theory, Satan would have to be an extra-terrestrial from another planet, say, from Mars or Saturn. But hey, I don't believe in some UFO fanaticism.

In verse 12, Eve said the serpent beguiled her and ate from the tree that God did not command her and Adam not to eat from it. God never said that they should not have sex with a tree. Adam and Eve before they became mortal, they couldn't procreate. They lost their immortality after they ate the forbidden fruit.

The Word "Beguile" in Hebrew nasha'  means "to deceive" not "to have sex with".

So did Eve bore twins? Maybe, but no. It takes at least a few years before a woman can have a second child. Cain, in my perspective, he would be at least 5 years old. Confidentially, L. Ray Smith did mention and believe in the same Serpent Seed Doctrine, but I think this false doctrine is hereby refuted.

Brethren, this Serpent Seed doctrine and the Kenite tribe being used for false claims aiming to all races that are "not white" is racism and blasphemy.

Now I will be exposing Arnold Murray in my next post, especially in the part when the guy in the background shouted "Blasphemy" and Murray pulled out his briefcase that has a 9mm pistol saying "Take this 9mm to that boy." His sermon was broadcasted in Christmas of 1998.

So again, please ignore their offensive racist blasphemy and stick to God's Word.

God Bless.

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