Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Glenn Beck Reports: The Government seizes control of the airwaves, broadcast, cable, and radio

Yesterday, Glenn Beck host and founder of his web show GBTV, reported that the government will be initiating a national EAS Test on November 9. The Government now controls all media, OTA broadcast, cable, and radio. While it is just a test and only last about 3 1/2 minutes. It will be used by President Obama to announce martial law, if the "Occupy Movement" riots get extremely violent. It will likely happen, since the movement is getting more violent as Left-wing socialists and the Muslim Brotherhood are occupying major cities in every state, even the occupy movement is now taking over small towns. Occupiers have defecated the doorsteps of residential homes because of three things: Our belief in liberty, freedom, and the Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins. the Left-Wing socialists are Pharisees.  I can't imagine if the Occupiers do decide to burn our bible-believing churches who don't agree about Jesus and Communism. If this happen, persecution will come as Jesus predicted in Mark 13:13:

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake.. 

Jesus says if we see this happen, we must endure (persevere) unto the point of martyrdom. Some teachers taught that martyrdom is not in the bible. Though the word "Martyrdom" does not appear in the bible, the name was originated from a 2nd Century Christian Apologist Justin Martyr, and furthermore some verses in the Old and New Testament describes the term Martyrdom. The OT prophets and the Early Church, including Jesus and the Apostles taught Martyrdom.

The Occupiers blaspheme our Lord Jesus Christ of being a socialist/communist. We need to know that His Kingdom is not of this world. He didn't came to save us from Capitalism, but to save us from our sins.

Have you read Jack Chick's "Fat Cats"? The tract shows that Communism is a Satanic system of betrayal, a Judas like system. Communism is all about betrayal and pride. Castro, for example, betrayed his comrades in the Cuban Revolution because he thinks that they trying to take the power away from him.

Communism has caused persecution in Russia, when it was part of the Old Soviet Union. Pretty soon, Putin will revive the Old Soviet Union as the Eurasian Union. There were persecutions and abortions in China, because of two things: The One-Child Policy and State Atheism (before religion was reinstated and restricted). Venezuela is now a social/communist state under Hugo Chavez which is unofficially called "The People's Republic of Venezuela".

America is next to become another "People's Republic" communist state now the "Occupy" riots are getting deadly.

Now I probably maybe considering Historic Premillenialism (Post-Trib/Pre-Wrath) instead of Dispenationalism.  Why? Because after studying what the early church have taught. We may be taken out before the final seven vials of God's Wrath being poured out. This could be the case. I don't know. God's wrath could poured out after the Tribulation, which would last about 30 or 45 days. If this is the case, prepare for persecution. We, however, will probably not be affected by the seal and trumpet judgments except for the 5th seal and the 7th and last trumpet which we would be expecting.

Amillenialists and Postmillenialists claim that Daniel 9:27 was not referring to the Antichrist but rather symbolizes Jesus Christ. The "H" in the verse is not capitalized, so it's probably referring to a non-deity future false messiah. Also note it's not a literal week. Strong's Hebrew Number 7620 refers to a heptad which is a week of 7 years.

So either other way, you need to heed the warnings, prepare yourself by stocking non-perishable food (dry only), spring water, and flashlight. Always read the bible, pray to the Lord, and sing praises to Him.

Repent and Be Baptized - Apostle Peter (Acts 2:38)

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