Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vatican calls for One World Government, Global Central Bank and sides with the Occupy Movement

A Watchman Warning is in effect, brethren. The Vatican is calling for a One World Government and a Global Central Bank and it's coming quickly. The Apostle John warns us that the Mark of the Beast will be implemented and it will be mandatory in order to "buy or sell". (Revelation 13:16-18)  Not only that, but the Vatican is siding with the Left-Wing Occupy Social//Communist Movement which they are paving the way for a New World Social/Communist Order. Christ Jesus' Return is near. Be ready.

Confess your sins, ask The Father to give you His pardon for your sins through the blood of His Son, and be baptized as a commandment if you want to be part of The Bride.

Baptism is not just a public display, it's a commandment to witness to others of your commitment. Once you do these things, you need to prepare for the darker times that is coming quickly. Stock up on dry food and water, hide in the woods. Your house is no longer a safe place when the military are about to be ready to round up those who believe in freedom, liberty, privacy, the Lord Jesus Christ, and refusing to submit to the New World Order and taking The Mark. You will have to die for your belief and faith in the Lord because the biggest persecution and martyrdom is coming very rapidly.

Now the Antichrist will be the one who will run this New World Order, some say it's Obama, The Mahdi, or the Final Pope. We need to remember in the last article that the AC will come from the Middle East (which was Babylon (Iraq), Medo-Persia (Iran),  and Greece (Turkey). 7 heads are 7 continents and 10 horns are 10 divisions.

You must be ready, time is running out. Make your decision right now.

God Bless.

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