Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11, Property Grab: The End of Due Process, US-Israeli Relationship ends

America cannot forget 9/11 but they forgot God. The Destruction of the Twin Towers was a warning from God, that if they do not repent, he will make the nation desolate. Today, America hasn't changed nor repented. Abortions skyrocket, homosexual marriages expanding, even the DNC curses God.

While we remembered of those who died in 9/11 terror attack, we also need to remember that God is impatient and will not tolerate our behavior. That's why we need Jesus, His only Begotten Son (John 3:16).

The DOJ has granted the ATF more powers to seize private and personal property regardless if the person does not own firearms, cigarettes, or alcoholic beverages. This has put the final nail in the coffin for Due Process.

We as Christians and believers in Christ Jesus are not of the government. Our only ruler we should obey is Jesus alone. Christians are not to be involved in politics. We are to focus on the Lord and not worry on the things that are politically related. We are to focus on things that are spiritually related.

Israeli PM Nethanyahu may call on the US diplomats to leave Israel, close the embassy and call of all of its Israeli ambassadors back to Israel, because Nethanyahu said it cannot wait and must attack Iran now. Nethanyahu blasted the US for telling him to wait.

As I said back earlier, I am warning the American Jews to leave the US and head to Israel for their own safety. I maybe skeptic and out of my mind, but I'm worried that the American Jews could be put in FEMA camps along with bible-believing Christians and begin the mass-extermination since the Holocaust.

America is Babylon the Great, the spiritually rebirth of the old Babylon. America was blessed by God, but now cursed by God for turning her back on Israel, and showing all of the filthiness.

I don't any denials from Alex Jones or Kurt Nimmo saying that Iran has no nukes. Alex Jones is a Jesuit and needs to get his head out of the ground. I don't want hear "Those are fake photos of Iran's nuclear facilities. This was all staged in a secet location. No nukes in Iran." Bunk. Iran's nukes could reach New York, America will become desolate. The nation will be no more.

I'm not praying that America will be destroyed. But God has warned the nation. America Babylon The Great will be drunk with the blood of the saints. The blood of the saints and the innocent will be flowing out of the Pagan Lady Liberty known as the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar's torch.

Repent now or you'll be gone with America. We humble ourselves as Christians and deny our patriotism.

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