Monday, September 3, 2012

Obama turns against Israel, makes secret ties with Irans

This is a warning to all Christians in America: COME OUT OF HER, saith YHWH.

Obama has turned against Israel and made secret ties Iran.  The Countdown clock to Babylon America's Sharia law is ticking. Obama will soon round and detain all the American Jews as well as Christians and mass-exterminate them and us since the days of Hitler and the Holocaust.

American Jews and Israeli immigrants to the US must leave America immediately before Obama starts the mass-extermination.  Nethanyahu will soon call its' Israeli Ambassadors back to Israel and close the Israeli Embassy in the US, Obama will call all its' ambassadors back to the US and close its embassy in Israel, but he will keep the Israelis that immigrate to the US and the American Jews detained and mass-exterminated like Hitler did.

Martyrdom is coming, brothers and sisters in Christ. The blood of saints will be spilled on America's soil. Instead of fire burning out of Lady Liberty the pagan Babylon Goddess Ishtar's torch, the blood of saints will be overflowing out of her torch and on her lips.

Repent and pray to God to forgive you of your sins. Be prepared to die for Christ Jesus.

God bless and Maranatha.

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