Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ahmadinejad calls for NWO, Obama and Pakistan calls for criminalization of christianity over anti-Islamic film

Iranian President Ahmadinejad spoke Tuesday at the UN that a New World Order must emerge. The Iranian President over the years have said that he must destroy Israel in order for his messiah The Mahdi to appear.

We are entering World War III. But most importantly we are rapidly heading toward martyrdom after Pakistan calls on the UN to criminalize the criticism of Islam, in other words, criminalize Christianity, this is because of the Anti-Islamic documentary that was uploaded to YouTube and now this is triggering the opening of the fifth seal in Revelation 6:9-11. The altar in Revelation 6:9 refers to the souls (which is a immaterial spirit) coming out of the altar which is the gates of heaven and they are crying out to the Lord "How long are you going to avenge us?" and the answer is in verse 11 that they should wait for a little season (a short time) until more of their brethren are killed.

Souls do not refer to our outer self, as taught by soul sleep teachers (Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Armstrong splinter groups, and Unitarian Universalist churches), but referring to our immaterial inner self, that is our human spirit. Remember Stephen the Christian's spirit did not remain in his body, nor that the soul remain unconscious, but went to home to be with the Lord after he was sentenced to be stoned to death by the Sanhedrin because of his witness to Jesus Christ. Heaven and Hell are far beyond the grave.  If soul sleep is true, that means Jesus never went to Sheol (the temporal Hell), and His teaching of the resurrection was a lie. Do not believe these false teachers that our souls sleep. Soul sleep is a dangerous doctrine and the lie of the devil.

You need to also remember Jesus' parable Lazarus and the Rich Man, Lazarus went to paradise, and The Rich Man went to hell. They did not soul sleep. The lesson to this parable determines where we go when we die depending whether we believe, repent, confess our sins in Jesus or not.

The thief on Jesus' right never soul slept, he requested "Remember me when You enter Your Kingdom"  and Jesus "Today you shall be with Me in paradise."  The thief on Jesus' right repented went to paradise. He did not "soul sleep" The thief on His left went to Hades.

Even babies do not "soul sleep" when they die, their spirits go home to Heaven. Roman Catholic, Protestant (Lutheran, Calvinist, and Wesleyan), and even Universalists accepts that babies inherit sin (hereditary from their parents. Catholics, Calvinists, and Lutherans believe that babies go to hell due to the hereditary sin passed down by our original parents Adam and Eve. Some Universalists believe that babies go to hell (since all mankind, even believers, according to their doctrine will go to hell and be spanked by God for a finite amount time for each portion of their sins) for a short amount of time and then go to heaven after that.

But back to this story, even Obama wants Christianity to be criminalized globally because of the anti-Islamic film, we all need to wake up, repent and prepare to die for our Lord Jesus.

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