Thursday, September 13, 2012

Islamic Autumn begins after an offensive YouTube video of Mohammad

We'll this is happening and martyrdom is rapidly coming. US diplomats in Libya and Egypt were all killed including four Americans in Cairo, and our US Ambassador. Obama and the Democrats are defending the Muslims. This is because of a anti-Islamic YouTube video depicting Muhammad.

A New World Islamic Order is rapidly approaching and martyrdom is near. As the rise of the 12th Imam of the Quran, known as the false messiah of Christianity in Revelation 13.

The Islamic riots is now spreading throughout Europe (Germany and Britain were affected) and Austraila. The FBI warned that Islamic riots could happen within the US and that's when Obama declares Martial Law and suspends the elections

You all need to repent now. Do not fool around. This is serious. Where you are destined to go is based on your decision. You must choose to live for Jesus and be prepared to die in His Name.

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