Monday, September 10, 2012

CISPA resurrected through Executive Order, FBI launches national face recognition database

After Congress failed to pass the 1984 bill CISPA, it has been resurrected through executive order by Obama's term "We can't wait".  The provisions in the bill has been written into the executive order, making the right to privacy dead.

Meanwhile, according to NTEB blog, The FBI has launched a $1 billion face recognition database in order to identify criminals. This database is now being launched nationwide, in your supermarket, in your home, everywhere.

The ACLU warned that once the FBI plugged into the database, it becomes national.

The Facial Recognition program is expected to go into full force by 2014.

Remember, the RFID national mandatory program goes into effect in March 2013, a year before the facial recognition program going into effect.

This is not the time to fool around. Get right with God, repent and confess your sins.

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