Saturday, July 28, 2012

Article 15 of the UN Arms Trade Treaty allows Foreign Troops on US soil

We are living in the final days before Christ returns as the Arms Trade Treaty is ready for ratification. But the worst part is that Article 15 allows foreign troops to be on US soil.

Article 15
International Assistance

In fulfilling the obligation of this Treaty, States Parties may seek, inter alia, legal assistance, legislative assistance, technical assistance, institutional capacity building, material assistance or financial assistance. States, in a position to do so, shall provide such assistance. States Parties may contribute resources to a voluntary trust fund to assist requesting States Parties requiring such assistance to implement the Treaty.

States Parties shall afford one another the widest measure of assistance, consistent with their respective legal and administrative systems, in investigations, prosecutions and judicial proceedings in relation to the violations of the national measures implemented to comply with obligations under of the provisions of this Treaty.

Each State Party may offer or receive assistance, inter alia, through the United Nations international, regional, subregional or national organizations, non-governmental organizations or on a bi-lateral basis. Such assistance may include technical, financial, material and other forms of assistance as needed, upon request.

Is this leading to a One World Government? Yes it is. 

UPDATE: Negotiations failed. Our rights to bear arms is safe for now. But it will probably take months or a year or two to renegotiate the treaty.

But no matter whether our future gets more darker the brighter our "Blessed Hope" gets closer. Salvation is now. Don't put Lord's free gift away and always remain faithful and watch for His Return.

God bless you all.

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