Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Implementation of Secure ID (Real-ID), the emergence of the final pope, and the Global Confiscation of Firearms

We are now seeing the implementation of Secure ID or REAL ID that began July 1, that everyone is required to show proof of documents including utility bills that has your home address, your birth certificate, and your social security card to renew or replace your driver's license or ID with the Secure ID/Real ID card which has a star on it embedded with an RFID chip. But Obama-Care requires everyone to take an RFID chip beginning March 2013, for identification, buying and selling, receiving medical benefits (ie. social security) and food stamps.

Reports from Italian media outlets saying that Pope Benedict XVI is unable to maintain his rule of the Vatican. This will lead to the emergence of the final pope, Peter The Roman (Petrus Romanus) who will promote the one world leader, the Antichrist, and force everyone to take the Mark of the Beast, which I believe it would be a magnetic RFID ink tattoo.

The UN is proposing a treaty to confiscate and regulate the purchase and ownership of firearms which is opposed by the NRA and Senate Minority GOP. Even if this goes into force, there would probably be not enough votes to ratify a gun control treaty, 67 votes are required to ratify.

Revelation 13 fulfills the prophecy of establishing a One World Government.

I urge you all to confess your sins and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and be ready Him to take His Church home to Heaven.

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  1. I rejoice in Christ having resurrected me from the dead.

    Peter the Roman (Petrus Romanus),
    the name given me by Christ Jesus from His Throne in Heaven,
    All Praise, Honor, and Glory, to the Most Holy Trinity!