Monday, July 2, 2012

Trans-Pacific Partnership: The Emerging One World Corporate Government

UPDATE: San Diego round of talks is not the final round. There will probably be two more rounds of talks, Quebec and Mexico City probably, If Japan joins negotiations there will be a third one in Tokyo. The final agreement maybe expected to ready this fall.

UPDATE 2: USTR now proposing a 3 step test, which it has always been included in the WIPO treaties, applies limitations and exceptions to non-commercial use  educational use such as fair use.

UPDATE 3: The Target date for the final agreement to be completed between Late 2012 and Early 2013, I probably will expect the agreement either as of my first update or by the end of the Winter in 2013, meaning there will be more negotiations depending how long will it take for Congress and other foreign parliaments to approve Canada and Mexico to join in the TPP negotiations. Rep. Issa and Senator Wyden will urge both House and Senate to oppose it because the renewal of the "Fast Track" trade affiliation, which bypasses ratification. I urge you all to contact your House Rep and Senator to vote against the renewal of "Fast Track". If we can stop "Fast Track", we can stop ratification.

Update 4: Fast Track renewal was rejected in the Senate Finance which was Senator Thune's amendment. This could be a clear signal that the Senate would rather ratify the agreement. We also noted that the conclusion of TPP will occur before the Election which will be in Leesburg, VA.

The 13th round of negotiations of the dreaded Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement will be the last round of negotiations to complete, unless more round of talks to continue. Russia Today, Democracy Now! and many other sources reported a leak that will put an end to American and other foreign sovereignty. This trade agreement is a threat to consumer safety, consumer freedom, and freedom of speech, press and religion. While this trade agreement does not actually give the corporations the power to govern countries, new proposals added to TPP could allow that, effectively replace a citizen-elected Congress/Parliaments, and government appointed US Supreme, foreign, federal, state and local judges with corporates appointed by big companies to Congress (House and Senate), parliaments, etc. Corporates can also overthrow queens in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand under any new proposals added to the TPP replacing them with corporately-appointed Presidents.

TPP creates a "Arbital Tribunal" consisting of three judges, all which are corporates, appointed by the member states of this agreement. This eliminates the blockade for big foreign businesses to go through the American and foreign legal systems, and what these foreign corporates does is file a complaint against governments that passes regulations for protection of the evironment, and food safety such as the Clean Air Act and the America's food safety law, where safety labels be put on many things including medicines and packaged meat and fish products. Mexico and Canada filed a complaint with the WTO saying that the US is violating the standards and the WTO is forcing the US government to water down or eliminate all food and drug labels and implement the standards of Codex Alimentarius. And also safety labels on things that prevents a child from suffocating in plastic bags or choking on toy parts.

Consumers will not know where the food came from, and it will be hard for the FDA and the USDA to examine if there's bacteria, mercury, any unknown side effects in the meat, fish, or medicine. This eliminates the dolphin-safe tuna label, which the World Wildlife Federation, PETA, and the ASPCA supports.

This will allow companies to continue slaughtering horses, and catch dolphins in their tuna nets without the environmentalists getting in their way. Forget about saving the planet, Al Gore, the corporates won. Residents in certain states that have laws protecting the air and water will be forced to pay compensation.

Under TPP, the FDA have to abide the standards which they already do under the FDA food modernization law. You can forget about suing a company for taking a bad drug because if you do, the Arbital Tribunal can send you to your local FEMA camp,that includes protesting against a foreign companies building on vacant land or tearing down homes. This also give big corporates the right to buy indigenous lands (ie. Native American Reservations and Aboriginal territories) in the US, Canada, Australia, Chile, Mexico and New Zealand and force indigenous people. James Anaya would be mad if TPP is enforced.

Corporate tribunals will force TPP against the consumer's own will to buy foreign unsafe products (baby cribs, strollers, drugs that cause birth defects, etc.) and they will send consumers to FEMA camps if they try to complain about it. If China joined TPP, The US, Austrailia, New Zealand or any other Pacific can't force a tariff thus allowing counterfeit products flowing into the countries. The USTR forbids China to join because they're afraid that China could use the Tribunal to stop the US from tariffing their imports and exports of counterfeit goods. Same goes with the other 8 countries including Austrailia and New Zealand. Canada and Mexico is expected to join the negotiation if it gets approved by Congress and other foreign parliaments. South Korea, Russia, and the Philippines may and are invited to join TPP.

 Also under the Intellectual Property section, the Arbitral Tribunal can declare your online speech (comments, webcam videos, and blog) as copyright infringement, terminate your internet, and throw you into your local FEMA camp indefinitely. Simple as this: we will be hated by corporates, we will face persecution, and if they force us to renounce Jesus and buy their products or die, we will choose death and never deny the Lord. Martyrdom is coming.

This trade agreement is a violation of the UN Charter which covers human rights, environmentalism, poverty, agriculture, etc. TPP would nullify the Law of the Sea Treaty and other treaties that protects the environment and human rights. TPP is part of UN Agenda 21 which is the mission to depopulate the Earth. If you remember the movie Wall-E where the Earth is a trash planet and everyone has to live in space. Don't let TPP turn Earth into a trash planet.

God's kingdom is not of this corrupted and sinful world. One day when Jesus returns He will destroy all the works we made and cleanse the world from all the corruption, and sinfulness.

The time is now to confess your sins and ask Jesus to forgive you.

"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive our unrighteousness" 1 John 1:9.

All you just need to do is say this:

Lord Jesus,

I am sorry I sinned against you. I believe you died on the cross for my sins. I ask you to cleanse me of all my sins and forgive me of all my unrighteousness.

In Your Name I pray,


The next step is to find a good church, get baptized as a commanded by obedience, and get this word to others. And most of all, be humble to yourselves and remain faithful unto Christ until He returns.

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