Friday, July 13, 2012

FBI now allows everyone to use the "Anti-Piracy" Seal

Want to protect your artwork, literary novel, and/or blog? Because starting August 13, The FBI will now let you use the "Anti-Piracy" seal on your creative work. No copyright protection required, no need to file DMCA, just let the APW seal do the work and all those copyright infringers will be sent off to jail, and you will or may receive loyalty per monetary damages. The penalty for infringement is 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

As we all know, "Thou Shall not Steal". However, This seal expanded to everyone can have a chilling effect of educational use (fair use) and first sale. The FBI, according to the report, fully recognizes fair use. There are limitations in the rules about what the Anti-Piracy seal can or cannot be used. Just that you can use the AP seal to protect your things, doesn't mean that some creative works are your property.

It cannot be used according to the release on child pornography or in UPS mail. Plus nowhere does it say on the text about copying for your own private use.  And you can't use it on someone's intellectual property. The penalty for misusing and abusing the seal is 6 months in prison plus a fine.

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