Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New website coming soon

I am happy to announce that I will create a website that will cover things including:

False Teachers

- Arnold Murray

- Ben Heath

- Benny Hinn

- Darwin Fish (Heretical nutcase with his hatred against sinners)

- Fred Phelps (Christian Extremist)

- Gary Amirault

- Gary DeMar (Partial Preterist)

- Harold Camping (A former Jehovah's Witness)

- Joel Osteen

- L. Ray Smith

- Paula White

- Steve Munsey

Great and Questionable Teachers

- Andrew Wommack

- Billy Lambert (Church of Christ Evangelist)

- Dan Corner (Arminian Evangelist)

- David J. Stewart (Questionable)

- Harry Walther (Questionable Partial Rapturist)

- Jack Van Impe (Premillenialist)

- Paul Washer (Lordship Salvationist)

False Doctrines and the problems with it

- Preterism (Partial and Full)

- Amillenialism

- Ultimate Reconciliation (aka Universalism)

- Depart Out Doctrine

- Eternal Security (OSAS)

- Serpent Seed Doctrine

- British Israeli-ism

- Conditional Immortality/Annihilationism

- Hyper-Calvinism

- Oneness Unitarianism

- Partial Rapture

Doctrines that taught by the Early Church

- Premillenialism

- Baptismal Regeneration

- Free Will/Free Choice (Conditional Security)

- End Times Scenario (including Antichrist and the truth of his origin)

- Communion

Plus I will have a fanfic page that is non-Christian related and for anime/manga readers.

I will not post any manga scans on my site if you request me to do so, because I do not want to get involved with copyright infringement. I will however post my own artwork that is not copyrighted by anyone. Plus I will have my Seven Points of Taylorism, my Statement of Faith or Articles of Discipleship.

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