Sunday, January 22, 2012

Could the Government Outlaw Lying?

If the Government were to criminalize all types of bearing falsehood, I would be thrilled to see it happen and I would support an Anti-Falsehood legislation. However, an Anti-Falsehood legislation would have serious loopholes and consequences.

- It could lead us into a state religion (i.e. applying the Ten Commandments including "Thou shall not bear false witness" as the law of the land). This would cripple the Separation of Church and State clause.

- The government can use the legislation to declare God's Truth as a lie. This can lead to persecution.

- It can allow the government to listen in on your phone calls, read your emails and chats, and have wireless surveillance cameras with mini microphones in your house to watch and listen on your family conversation. This would cripple our right to privacy.

- It would forbid a defense attorney to lie. For Example, a person who is accused of a capital crime he/she didn't commit, a defense attorney would declare that his/her client is innocent. But the under an Anti-Falsehood legislation, the prosecutor can declare a defense attorney a liar and that defense attorney can lose his degree and face prison time. This would cripple the 5th and 14th Amendment.

- The FTC, DOJ, and ICE say that your blog was selling or advertising something but you claim that your blog doesn't sell such things. Under an Anti-Falsehood legislation, your blog is shut down, you are convicted of Falsehood, and you face prison time.

GOP/Democratic candidates in future elections could be arrested for lying. 

I do want to see an Anti-Falsehood legislation happening,  but we should those kind of things to God. He knows our actions, and we will be damned for lying unless we repent.

God Bless.

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