Friday, September 2, 2011

UN to vote to Approve Palestinian State, Obama will likely veto

The Palestinians will be going to the UN with resolution to become a member of a UN-Member state on September 20th. President Obama, said that he will veto the resolution on one thing, the Palestinian state will not be recognized by the UN unless Israel and Palestine return to the two party peace talks and make an agreement. Israel and Palestine have failed to reach an agreement for the past 18 years since the Oslo Peace Accord was signed in 1993. The EU plans to offer an alternative resolution that would make Israel and Palestine side by side peacefully.

The bible clearly warns that everyone will say "Peace and Safety", then sudden destruction shall come upon a woman bearing with child. (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

We as believers in Christ, must pay attention and watch Israel. God loves His People and He will not tolerate how the nations mistreat them. He would curse the nations who have cursed his people.

It is important that Jesus is Coming. God has pointed us to Rosh Hashanah, The Jewish New Year, which is that unknown day that His Son will return for His Bride. It is also important that we don't know the hour of when the Bridegroom will return to take his church home. We must be ready and alerted. Unless this veto does nullify the recognition of a Palestinian state, the Rapture could be delayed. However, it is clear that in Daniel's Prophecy that a man, The Antichrist, will make a covenant of 7 years between Israel and Palestine known as Daniel's 70th Week.(Daniel 9:27)

It is important that you, your family, and friends are ready to go to meet with the Lord.

If you are not ready, please pray this prayer:

Lord Jesus,

I am not ready and I am in need of your forgiveness so that I can be ready for your coming. Thank you for dying on that cross to shed your precious blood to wash away my sins. I accept you as my personal Lord and Savior. Please come into my heart.

In your name I pray,


If you prayed that prayer you are ready for His Coming. The next step in your walk with Christ is to read the bible everyday, find a good church, be baptized, worship with others, and share the good news of Christ's Return.

God Bless

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