Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review of the news in the Middle East and Israel

I have been reading some news articles concerning Israel and what's happening in the UN and the Middle East.

- Turkey asks Israeli ambassadors to leave the country, suspends trades and defense ties. Turkish Warships escorts future aid vessels in Gaza. Meanwhile, Hamas operates in China and Turkey.

After what happened in the Mediterranean Gulf, Turkey demanded Israel to apologize, but Israel Defense Minister refuses to apologize. Thus the possibility that Turkey will sanction Israel is severe. The Obama Administration is pressing Israel and Turkey to renew reconciliation talks. Turkey is now turning from a secular state to an Islamic nation.

- UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon receives Palestinian Statehood bid, PA PM Abbas will address the General Assembly on the issue on September 23. US confirms that they will veto the PA statehood bid. PA will seek to upgrade to non-membership status. US Congress have introduced a legislation that would stop funding to the UN General Assembly that upgrades the PA status to a non-member observer status.

What this means that the PA would become part of UNICEF, WHO, and will have the ability to sign treaties. PA could control the world's food supply, cease non-profit funding from other countries, etc. This could fulfill the Prophecy of the 3rd Horseman in Revelation 6, symbolizing famine and economic collapse. If the US were to back off from vetoing the PA statehood bid, this will trigger Zachariah's prophecy. 

- Austria, Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Israel, the Netherlands and the United States announced that they will boycott Durban III in the face of Antisemitism. Germany formally announced that they would boycott Durban III, but reconsidered the boycott and attend the conference saying that the declaration is clearly unacceptable.

It is clear that the boycott will not stop the declaration "Zionism is racism" once it is voted for approval. God says that He will curse those who'll curse His People.

In 1975, the UN declared that Zionism is Racism until that declaration was revoked in 1991. This declaration would be reinstated when the UN General Assembly returns for session. This will lead to the battle of Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83:4.

We need to be ready and be alerted and warn everyone that Jesus is coming.

Please ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins.

God Bless.

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