Saturday, July 16, 2011

The IP White papers, How it will silence the Church

On my last post, I discussed about how copyright is nothing but the love of money and materialism. Now the IP white papers (as I read in PDF), directs Congress to pass bills that would put more stricter copyright protection which would eventually stifle the Church and the Gospel of Jesus. The Internet will soon be gone once the PROTECT-IP Act and the Commercial Felony Streaming Act are passed and signed into law. Next thing on the agenda is to spy on our everyday lives which means the right to privacy will be gone, in case something we do something the corporates, MPAA, and RIAA doesn't like, even if it's not internet-related, would be a criminal felony. Even one single drawing would put a child in prison. The only thing they will now do is to make "Private acts of infringement" a felony, in other words "private performance" would be treated as "unauthorized public performance."

So, singing in your own shower, quoting from a movie, drawing a cartoon character is illegal. In fact, all those things are covered in the Copyright Act. Might as well demand congress to pass a bill to make it mandatory to have DRM thought police chips in the brains of Americans to make sure they obey copyright and be uncreative and unproductive and buy their stuff because in the DRM chip will filter the words we say, anything we see or watch, and anything we do in our everyday life.

I think we are living in the Last Days when the Love and protection of Money and Materialism stifles the Lord's Word.

 All I have to say is, that time is now to pray for The Lord's pardon by accepting His Son who died on the cross for our sins and prepare for the Time of Persecution.

God Bless.

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