Thursday, July 21, 2011

America: Babylon The Great's Final Hour

As we get closer to the deadline, August 2, the day when America defaults on its debt limit, We look back long ago, that Russian Professor, Igor Panarin, who predicted the fall of the Soviet Union, now predicts that America will disintegrate and split into pieces, giving itself over to foreign powers. For example, Alaska would return to Russia, Hawaii would either become an independent nation once again or return to Japan, Puerto Rico would become an independent as well, The Pacific Coast would be taken by China, The North Central would be controlled by Canada, The Central South and possibly southeast would be controlled under Mexico, and The Northeast would be controlled under the European Union, even the US Pacific Territories would be either nations, a European-style like Union, or controlled under the nation of Japan .

Now, unless a deal is reached by both parties in Congress, this event as Panarin predicted will likely happen. There is a slim chance that America would raise its debt ceiling and a greater chance it will be a fallen nation. Either way, America will one day fall either by the Antichrist or by an economic catastrophe.

It doesn't matter who we vote and/or trust. In fact, we as believers in Christ Jesus no longer trust in the Government. America fulfills bible prophecy as "Babylon The Great" in Revelation 14 and 17. Some skeptics say that Babylon the Great is Rome or the Vatican. Even though Catholicism is an apostate church, there is one missing fact that the Roman Empire fell nearly 2000 years ago and it's not going to be revived. Some say Israel is Babylon The Great including Jehovah's Witnesses, Seven Day Adventists, Southern Baptist, and even Lutheran. This is considered Antisemitic because Jesus was a Jew, not white. So that leaves with America, because it's the financial, ethnic and religious center of our foundation of freedom. New York is the trading capital of the world, it's also where the UN stands. The Gematriac values as I calculate the letters in the Alphabet multiply by 6 and total values of words which makes it clear. Babylon US = 666, NY: A Babylon = 666, US of America = 666. It's all very clear that America will take part in Bible Prophecy.

So remember, we can't trust the government and the media. The only person we can trust is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. This is now the time to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, right now before it's too late.

The question is, Will you trust and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Make that decision right now.

God Bless.

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