Monday, August 13, 2012

L. Ray smith denies that Jesus is the Christ and other damnable teachings

Before I get to the Late L (Larry) Ray Smith's damnable teaching, I am not going to accept anymore negative feedbacks that my rebuttal on Ultimate Reconciliation is pathetic.

Now I am going to shock you with one of his damnable teachings in Part VIII of his Lake of Fire series, where he implies that Jesus is NOT THE CHRIST by adding the words "that" and "Jesus" in Matthew 24:5.

"For MANY shall come in my name, saying [that], I [Jesus] am Christ, and shall deceive MANY" (Matt. 24:5).

Jesus never said He's not the Christ, but referring to those who pretend to be Him or of Him. But there will be a final and main false messiah during the Tribulation
There is one scriptural proof that Jesus is The Christ 

He saith unto them "But whom ye say I am" And Simon Peter answered and said "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God."  - Matthew 16:15-16 

If L. ray smith's version of Matt. 24:5 is true, then Peter is deceiving himself. Not to mention that John's warning to the church would be contradicting and deceiving himself as well to the churches. Even Jesus' own saying "I am He" would be contradicting and deceiving himself as well as deceiving to His own disciples, thus making Him a liar.

L. Ray smith's own version of Matt. 24:5 is contradicting the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah. This is the Spirit of Antichrist

While I do agree that we are not authorized to cast out demons and do wonderful miracles in His Name, not to mention false teaching in His name. But not preaching in His Name? This is blasphemy.  Jesus did authorized us to preach the Gospel in His Name but preach falsely in His Name. L. Ray Smith is a anti-Evangelist implying that God will save all without the need of the Gospel or the blood of Jesus for the redemption of sins. Ultimate Reconciliation nullifies and negates the requirements for repentance and the redemption through the blood of Jesus. Mr. Smith is giving everyone a free pass to sin because they will still be saved in the end.  UR is the wide gate to destruction.

But enough of that, he're some blasphemous words he is spewing out:

Next, who are the "MANY" today who say that, "Jesus IS THE CHRIST, THE MESSIAH?" No, don’t be deceived; it is not those few who occasionally claim that they themselves are "Jesus the Christ." They don’t deceive the "many." Only some fool would ever be deceived into believing that some carnal idiot really IS the Christ. Besides, there are NOT "many" who make such a claim in the first place. 

Did you see that? L. Ray Smith also denies that Jesus is the Messiah.  Moving on to the next paragraph:

 But there certainly are "MANY" who say and teach that JESUS is the REAL CHRIST! And so it is not only those who "teach and preach and cast out demons and do many wonderful works in the name of Jesus" who are DECEIVING THE MANY, but also there is a large group (many) who teach that "Jesus really IS THE CHRIST" and yet Jesus said it would be these that are also DECEIVING THE MANY! 

There it is again. This is what happens when Preacher L. Ray Smith denies Jesus as The Christ. The Bible warns that anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ is an Antichrist.

Now unto the next one, this is quite disturbing as it is blasphemous:

Jesus Christ is the "green living tree." Jesus met His death by being crucified. The "cross" of Christendom was really a post, pole, or upright stake that is fastened or planted in the ground manually—it did not grow from that spot. It is not a living xulon or wood or tree. Jesus died on a DEAD wood or dead tree.

Notice the underline that says "upright stake". It sounds bizarre as if it looked like L. Ray Smith is a Jehovah's Witness in doctrine like Harold Camping.

The Greek word "xulon" in Strong's Concordance does mean "tree", but it never says "upright stake". Most of all, was Jesus literally nailed to Himself? Of course not, he was nailed to a literal xulon or tree. L Ray Smith doesn't treat the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus as Literal, doesn't he? No sir, he doesn't. And the correct Greek word for "upright stake" or "pole" is Stauros.

Most of all this "tree" is a symbol referring to The Cross. This last sentence kinda puzzles me:

So in Revelation 22 we see the river of life flowing from God and Christ, through the middle of the forest of trees of life (that’s US), and we in return "heal the nations" just as Obadiah prophesied of the coming of "saviours" (plural) to Mt. Zion (God’s headquarters of government throne) to judge the nations.

Whoa. Coming of "Saviours"? How many "saviours" are coming to judge us? 1000? 3000? a million? 

Obadiah only prophesied ONE SAVIOR, and that is Jesus Christ.

Okay that covers it. Does this now open your eyes to the REAL TRUTH that L. Ray Smith is finally exposed? 

Overcoming you sins alone isn't enough without the blood of Christ? Repentance, confessing Jesus is The Christ, Confessing your sins (1 John 1:9) and remaining faithful to the end (Revelation 2:10) are the most important steps to inherit the Kingdom. 

I am going to explain some early Christian writers who rejected ultimate reconciliation to give your comments a clear mind.

Before I wrap it up, I want to point out that L. Ray Smith said that we don't need to attend church. Apparently, this is sad and bizarre. L. Ray Smith had forksaken the attendance (assembly) of Christians to a church which is commanded by God. Paul warns that we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves (Christians). But apparently in the bible-truths forum, the verse was to be taken spiritually not literally as they say we are to assemble on a higher plane, higher realm. We are not just to assemble on a higher plane but assembling in nature.of ourselves. Jesus built His Church, not just on a higher realm, but on earth and within our hearts.

I also want to point out that L. Ray Smith wrote in his Lake of Fire Part XI, saying that Satan dwells within the Church.  L. Ray Smith is a Harold Camping follower in doctrine. That's right. L. Ray Smith implies that Satan now rules within the Church and now telling us to "COME OUT OF HER"or in Harold Camping's term "Depart Out". This is the same damnable teaching that comes from Harold Camping. 

L. Ray Smith, like Harold Camping, thinks that Jesus "divorced the Church".


  1. Ray is saying that false prophets will come claiming the TRUTH of ||Jesus|| being ||The Christ||, and therefore just because they have that knowledge doesn't exclude them from being false prophets! You have completely either misrepresented Ray here, or you are a bald face liar, unbelievable!

    1. What I think you are doing is actually the same as the Late L. Ray Smith. You are denying that Jesus is the Christ. Adding the words "That" and "Jesus" to Matthew 24:5 grossly contradicts the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah. This is the Spirit of Antichrist.

      If you believe that L. Ray Smith's version of Matt 24:5 is true, then you're implying that Peter is deceiving himself, Jesus deceived His disciples with His words "I am He", thus you're calling Jesus a liar, most of all The Apostle John who wrote the Book of Revelation deceived the Seven Churches of Asia.

      Most of all, Jesus didn't say that He's not The Christ, but was referring to those who claim to be of Him or being a false messiah.

      There are so many false messiahs around the world today and there will be the main one coming soon, a majority that infamously claim that the false messiah would be from the Western EU. But a minority including myself believe the false messiah would be from the Arab World. Islam is spreading rapidly, we are speeding toward a New Islamic World Order.

      But back to Matt 24:5 Jesus said that we all claim to be Christian or of Him just by anything, including on believing in Universalism, partake in a sacrament such as Communion and Baptism (including infant baptism) as most of the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches practice, believing in the infamous Once Saved, Always Saved, etc.

      The only thing we need to do repent, confess that Jesus is the Christ, and Confessing our sins (1 John 1:9)

      One more thing, there is one verse that proves that God's grace is resistible and God doesn't allow mankind to continue on sinning just to be saved

      Romans 6:1 "What then shall we continue to sin that grace be abound? God forbid...

      Peace be with you.

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    3. You still misunderstand. Of course Jesus is the one&only Christ, But what Ray and I are saying is that Jesus left us all this warning: There would be those who come claiming this very TRUTH (i.e., Jesus is the CHRIST), but they would be false prophets spreading lies hiding behind the truth of Jesus actually being the Christ. That is the WARNING God left us, That is the TRUTH Ray taught and that is the FACT I am correcting you with. Godspeed Josh.

    4. Wrong. L. Ray smith added the words "that" and "Jesus" to Matthew 24:5 denying that Jesus is the Messiah and calling Jesus and his disciples a liar. If L. Ray smith's version of Matt 24:5 is true, His disciple would eventually stone Him to death, then again the Pharisees would have killed His disciples before the gospel was preached.

      And further Universal Salvation is not the Father's true Word. If you believe in universal salvation, then God is not your Father. Your father is the devil (John 8:44).

      Altering the warning of Matthew 24:5 makes Jesus a liar. L. Ray's smith's version Matthew 24:5 is a false warning.

  2. Metamatic,

    Thank you for correcting Josh here, he obviously doesn't understand the point Ray (and you have made regarding false prophets and how succesful they are really are in today's church...of course they will come claiming 'Jesus being the Christ' and STILL be FALSE's not that this point that Jesus is the Christ is false (of course it isn't!) but what sort of deception could a false prophet hope to accomplish IF he was claiming otherwise?

    Who would believe that? Not very many seeking after Christ, that's for sure.

    God open your eyes Josh. You need to read more and make a point to UNDERSTAND the contrary views to your religious doctrinal positions before trying to attack/refute it, or you may just be held accountable for your reckless and aimless libel someday when it's shown you renounced humility and could have learned something profound.

    God be with you,
    - Brett

    1. Sorry, both of you are wrong. By adding the words "That" and "Jesus" would imply that Jesus is NOT the Christ, thus Peter would be deceiving himself, Jesus would be deceiving Himself by His own words "I am He", John who wrote the Revelation would not only be deceiving Himself but also to the Seven Churches of Asia.

      I think it's is you that need to open your eyes. How long will be L. Ray Smith be chastised in Hades and after be brutally beaten by God for each finite portion of his sins? He forsaken the assembly, he telling everyone to "Come Out" of the church implying that Satan rules in the Church and the Churches within, and that Jesus divorced the Church.

      Would a loving god brutally beat up His own creation on Earth for each finite portion of his/her own sins by natural catastrophes?

      Hell is not the grave but a realm beyond the grave. The Lake of Fire Jesus calls "Unquenchable" and doesn't burn out. If "Aion" applies to the Lake of Fire, it burns out, thus making Jesus a liar.

      One more thing, read my article on the error of the word "fear" confusing the fear of God, the fear of evil, and the fear.

      The road is too narrow for God to shove or DRAG people to salvation. But you Universalists imply that that "Wide is the road to salvation".

      I will delete your comments.

      May God have pity on you,

      Preacher Taylor

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  4. I removed my last comment, because I realized that I had cast a pearl.

  5. Hello,

    Just wanted to pop in and reiterate what MetaJames and Brett S. have said. I had to re-read this quote "For MANY shall come in my name, saying [that], I [Jesus] am Christ, and shall deceive MANY" (Matt. 24:5) a few times but it did become clear to me. What Ray is trying to say is many Christians read that scripture as saying that "many will claim to BE Christ and will deceive many". But when you insert "that" and "Jesus" it makes perhaps the correct meaning of the scripture easier to see (at least as Ray explains it-and Ray's quote is what we're talking about here). Ray is saying "many will come in HIS NAME (not acting like they ARE him) saying that (Yes, indeed!) Jesus is the Christ, but they will still be able to deceive many.

    The deception is not about whether Jesus is the Christ, but what happens in their dealings with people after they convince them that they come in Christ's name- even declaring (that) he (Jesus) is the Christ. You can see it clearly but it takes some contemplating. It's like misunderstanding what someone is saying because we can "see" or read it different ways but there is only one intention.

    What we are encouraging you to do is instead of just quickly responding with the same reaction repeatedly, stop and think and pray about it and try to see what is actually being said. It took a moment for me to see it, we just have to be willing to look beyond our preconceived ideas of what we right now, at this moment, *think* someone is saying.

    He inserted "that" and "Jesus" so we will see that we've been looking at the situation wrong. Ray believes Jesus is the Christ and it certainly is possible to understand that but one must understand correctly. It may not be comfortable to try and no one can do it for you, but I hope I have explained things clearly enough to make it simpler.

    I always thought this verse said there would be people coming in Christ's name declaring that they themselves are the Christ and as I read it, it does look like that. But I think what Ray was saying is that perhaps Jesus was saying these deceivers would come in Christ's name, (not saying of themselves "I am the Christ") but saying that Jesus IS Christ (just like Jesus said he was), but even after admitting those truths will they go on to tell lies and trick or deceive people. I would think you would be able to deceive more people wanting to be Christians and saved if you claimed to be OF the true God instead of being him yourself, but that's just my observation.

    I also used to think (like Ray basically mentioned) Why would "many" people follow other "many" people who are all claiming to be THE Christ of which we know there is only one? HOWEVER, as Ray says, if we look at our situation now with so many ministers in "Christendom" or mainstream Christianity teaching unscriptural doctrines (but still claiming to be of Christ and that Jesus is Christ) and therefore deceiving many, perhaps it's happening right under our noses. Something to ponder and pray about... and each do our own diligent searching for truth.

    With respect and in Christ's love,