Friday, April 20, 2012

update on Trayvon Martin Case, Zimmerman goes free, MAP-21,

Florida Judge will set Zimmerman free at a proposed bond set. If Zimmerman goes free, there's going to be a race war. Whether you don't believe it's going to happen, it is. Jesus warned in Matthew 24:7, not only that nations will fight against nations, this also covers people of races.

Update: Bail is set at $150,000. The Race war is under way.

Russian Professor Igor Panarin warned that America will disintegrate due to race wars, but his prediction was 2 years off.

There's something you need to know that the legislators won't tell you about MAP-21.First, this bill is dangerous, Satan likes this legislation to cause destruction. Under the safety sections of this bill, parts of the SAFETEA-LU law are repealed if enacted, thus makes a potential threat to drivers, pedestrians, biker, and skaters. Second, it requires that all new vehicles of years 2015 and above must have black boxes, but that might change if the house member introduces an amendment to apply the black box to all vehicles (1920 and beyond).

The worst two sections of this legislation are the Household Goods and Uniform Relocation. Now before I explain, this probably means that Obama doesn't need to declare martial law, as this bill is a Martial Law type bill.

First, the Uniform Relocation section, now I know you are going to try to say that this has nothing to do with civilian relocation, actually it does. While they are increasing the price on housing from $22,500 to $31,000 for homeowners and from $5,250 to $7,200 for tenets, this again is part of the Civilian relocation program.

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